Club of the week


            The University of Vermont club squash team was formally founded in Feb. 2006. Since its founding year, the club team has seen immense expansion and success.

            Through the long and winding hallways of Patrick Gymnasium, the squash courts can be found on the lower level of the gym around the perimeter of the pool. Squash is an extremely fast-paced game typically played between two players on a four-walled court. With a racquet in hand, players hit a small rubber ball to designated points on the sides of the wall. If the ball hits an area that is out of the marked areas on any wall, the ball is considered out.

            The scoring system in squash is called point-a-rally scoring. The winner of rallies – which are a series of shots by players during a game that begins with a serve and ends with the ball no longer in play – earn a point. Games are played to 11.

            The club squash team began its semester of games in fall with matches against nationally recognized teams, and was able to earn wins against these high-ranking teams.

            “What I enjoy most about being on this team is that despite being a club team we compete on a Varsity level,” team captain William Vitagliano said. “This gives the team the opportunity to play other top notch schools around the country.”

            The squash team has had the opportunity to compete in tournaments all around the country and earn themselves recognition at these national tournaments. ” [We] recently went down to Philadelphia to compete at the College Squash Association National Championship where we finished 5th in our division,” said Vitagliano.

            Even though the club has seen recent successes, their hopes for the future are even more optimistic.

            “I am looking forward to continue to develop as a team, work on skills and technique, and hopefully perform better next year at the National level,” Vitagliano said. “We have a great President Devon Winter and Treasurer Sam Kazman who will bring the team to higher places.”

The squash club has recently collected the funds to build two new courts in Patrick Gymnasium. The new courts are predicted to be ready for fall season 2012.