Club sports benefit entire student body

With over 40 club sports, UVM provides opportunities to get every student involved in sports one way or another. 

Other popular options within the community are intramural sports. 

This past fall, the university offered, broomball, wiffleball, squash doubles tournaments and more. 

Although the University offers many Division one sports such as ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse and soccer, they are competitive. 

Many students participate in club and intramural sports in order to maintain their skills and have fun. 

“Club sports still give the opportunity for students to participate in sports and continue to partake in an active lifestyle,” Lauren Waller, club cheerleading squad member said. 

Club sports are popular in the community because of the competitive nature that they present, but without all of the commitment that is necessary to play a varsity sport. 

“Club sports also help build diversity within the school and helps grow the unity of the student population,” Waller said.  

Club and intramural sports offer a mixture of all different skill levels from different athletes. 

Students who played the sport at the varsity level in high school play alongside someone who is just trying to learn the game. 

It gives a sense of variety and offers an interesting way for students to hone their skills. 

Students feel like they are able to pick up the game easier than simply having basic practices because they get to be involved in game-like situations. 

Such situations allow for great competition and teamwork skills and can be a fun way to escape from the pressures of the students’ course load.

 “As a five sport athlete in high school, I was able to carry my passion of trying new things and competing to the best of my ability into multiple club sports here at UVM,” junior Aerianna Ford said.

Oftentimes club sports will play other schools, with one of the most popular to watch being club football. This season they recorded four wins and three losses. 

“After starting a varsity sport here, I realized that I would not have the time to take advantage of all the opportunities that I wanted to experience if I continued to be a division one athlete.

“By switching to club sports, I was able to play multiple sports and partake in multiple activities without the intensity of varsity,” Ford said. 

Students have said that intramural sports are another option besides club sports for students who want to get involved in a sport. 

Options include broomball, quidditch or even squash. 

The University has seven racquetball courts and two squash courts that are available for use by simply showing a valid student ID card. 

Along with a pool, suspended track, multiple turf fields, basketball courts and tennis courts, there are a lot of options available.

This provides students a great opportunity to participate in club and intramural sports.

 These facilities give access to all students on campus.

Students also find that intramural sports are a great option.  Intramural sports have the added bonus of being coed, which allows students an opportunity to meet new people.

This can be especially helpful for first-year students.

Unlike varsity sports, students have expressed that there is less pressure to be great at your chosen activity.

Without the commitment there is a completely relaxed atmosphere that comes along with club and intramural sports especially. 

In club sports, students are still able to play their favvorite sports at a competitive level, without having the added stress of being a varsity athlete.

Students say that they are specifically out there to have fun and try new things while getting exercise and playing a sport that they love.

Club and intramural sports programs provide students the perfect opportunity to meet friends and stay in shape through the semester.