Cynic power rankings of the week


1. Boston Celtics (38-14)

Despite the loss to the Lakers, last week we said the Celts would have to lose five in a row to drop from the top spot. We’re standing by that.

2. San Antonio Spurs (44-9)

Seriously considered dropping the Spurs because of lackluster wins against Toronto and Detroit and a loss to Philadelphia. Despite that, their record speaks for itself.

3. Los Angeles Lakers (38-16)

The Lakers beat the Celtics last week and for that reason I’m putting them over the Heat. I can’t help thinking more and more that we are headed for a Lakers vs. Celtics finals.

4. Miami Heat (39-14)

Miami has the best record in the east — a half game ahead of the Celtics — but I still think Boston is the stronger team when healthy.

5. Chicago Bulls (35-16)

Chicago needs to get better on the road but they continue to get healthier and thus, better.


1. Vancouver Canucks (35-11-9, 81 PTS)

Despite the loss to Calgary to snap a six-game winning streak, the Canucks should still be able to lock up the number one spot in the Western Conference.

2. Philadelphia Flyers (36-13-5, 77 PTS)

The Flyers are 8-2 in their last 10 games, and starting to pull away from the pack in the Eastern Conference.

3. Tampa Bay Lightning (33-17-5, 73 PTS)

Last week’s win against the elite Flyers can’t be ignored but the Flyers have been on a tear in their last 10. The Flyers and Lightning are honestly interchangeable here.

4. Detroit Red Wings

(33-16-7, 74 PTS)

A 6-1 victory over the Bruins is extremely impressive and Dallas continues to struggle against elite teams. Detroit is the clear No. 2 in the west at this point.

5. Boston Bruins (31-17-7, 69 PTS)

The blow-out loss to Detroit hurts but a wild 8-6 victory over Montreal vaults Boston over the ailing Penguins.