Featured Club Sports Team of the Week

Mount your broomsticks and dust up on your Harry Potter lingo because this week’s featured club sports team of the week comes straight from the wizarding world itself. The chosen team is none other than Quidditch. No, unfortunately there is no flying involved; however, games do tend to get a little crazy at times.

The sport, originally from our home state of Vermont, was started at Middlebury College in 2005 and has spread across the country in the years since. Over the past few years UVM has joined the club and opened its gates to anyone who is interested in participating.

Practices can get a little goofy, but don’t be fooled because these players take their sport pretty seriously.

“For us, it’s much more about the fun and goofiness of the sport than the competition. There are way too many teams out there who are stupidly intense and all about winning — we aren’t like that,” said junior Jake Seymour.

Now, for those of you who are familiar with the game, you may be wondering how the teams get around the obstacle of the flying snitch. The snitch is played by a third party player, a free-spirited runner who will entertain the crowd. “They are allowed to leave the field and may be seen doing crazy things on vans, riding bikes, and in trees,” said Seymour.

Quidditch is a fun way to let out your goofy side and get in some daily exercise all at the same time. Riding your broomsticks around Redstone Green is a great way to meet new people and bond over the magical game you love.