Cleveland at Cincinnati

The battle of Ohio: both share the basement of the AFC north, and both are underachievers. But this one should still be exciting.

Watch out for the two dynamic receivers – Ocho Cinco and Braylon Edwards – to lead potentially high-octane offenses against each other’s soft defenses.

Cleveland’s running game gives them the edge in this one.

Cleveland 31, Cincinnati 21

Arizona at New York

The resurrection of Kurt Warner, three dangerous receivers and Edgerrin James at running back makes for an intimidating offense.

Favre and his new gang are okay, but if they get into a shootout it doesn’t look pretty. Then again Favre has that ‘wow’ factor that can turn ‘nothing’ (last year’s Packers) into NFC Champion contenders.

The Cardinals may be surprised by the old guy.

New York 23, Arizona 17

Minnesota at Tennessee

This is a battle of older, immobile, second string QBs who have replaced young, athletic, mobile QBs.

The difference in this game is that Tennessee’s Kerry Collins is better than the Vikings’ Gus Frerotte and the Titans ‘D’ is one of the few capable of stopÂping Adrian Peterson.

Look for the Titan’s post-Vince Young success to continue.

Tennessee 17 – Minnesota 9

Philadelphia at Chicago

Devin Hester, Chi-Town’s offensive and special team spark, is banged up. Philly looks born again. Bad news for the Bears.

Though the Bears defense is as strong as ever, the offense is still far behind.

The Eagles have firepower with cocky rook’ DeSean Jackson and a core of consistent receivers. It’s hard to say what will win this game, but I just can’t see Chicago scoring enough to keep up with the Eagles.

Philadelphia 21, Chicago 13

Baltimore at Pittsburgh

This Monday night matchup features two tough, hard-nosed teams who will punish the opposing offenses.

The running backs in this game will need some ice on Tuesday. Ravens QB Flacco just isn’t ready to be primetime yet, but Big Ben has been primetime since he was Flacco’s age.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Steelers roll in this game.

Pittsburgh 27 – Baltimore 16

Buffaloat St. Louis

What once was the greatest show on turf is now the sigh of relief for opposing teams.

Buffalo has been on the rise from the bottom in the past few seasons, while the Rams have fallen from the top. The St. Louis defense looks awful, giving up nearly 1000 yards through two games.

Buffalo is energized and ready to make a playoff push.

Buffalo 34, St. Louis 20