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Good Week / Bad Week

Bad Week for Shaun Alexander

The 2005 NFL MVP is now unemployed for the 2008 season.

After being rewarded with a $62 million contract following his MVP season in which he led the Seahawks to their only Super Bowl appearance, Alexander’s performance has greatly fallen off.

At 30 years old, it remains to be seen whether any team is willing to take on the former face of a franchise.

Good Week for John Smoltz

The veteran pitcher recorded career strikeout number 3,000 in a loss against the Nationals last week.

That number further raises Smoltz’s Hall of Fame stock when he chooses to retire and, on top of that, he joined Bob Gibson and Walter Johnson as the only pitchers to achieve 3,000 strikeouts while staying with the same team throughout their careers.

Good Week for the Madden Cover

It was revealed this week that recently retired quarerback Brett Favre will grace the cover of Madden 2009, the only NFL game on the market and perhaps the definitive sports video game.

In years past, there has been a stigma around the Madden cover as something of a curse – just ask former cover-players Mike Vick or Shaun Alexander.

However, since Favre is retired and therefore ineligible for the on-field curse that the Madden cover supposedlybrings, EA Sports may have finally exorcised their video game demons.

Good Week for football players named ‘Long’

A pair of Longs, offensive lineman Jake and defensive end Chris, were drafted first and second, respectively, in last weekend’s NFL Draft.

Both the Dolphins and Rams made the first two picks on draft day a bit of a formality, with Miami signing Jake Long the Tuesday before the draft. News of the Rams signing Chris Long broke hours before St.

Louis was officially put “on the clock.”

No players with the last name Short were drafted.

Good Week for the Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys got everything they wanted this weekend by drafting running back Felix Jones and cornerback Mike Jenkins in the first round.

On top of that, America’s team completed the long rumored trade for Pacman Jones just before the draft. giving owner Jerry Jones depth at what were previously weak positions for his team.

Good Week /Bad Week

Bad Week for San DiegoBy NICK DECAROThe Chargers have the AFC West gift wrapped for them, with the collapse of Denver and Kansas City, but they can’t seem to pull away.The latest set?back came in the form of getting pummeled by Minnesota, surrendering 296 yards rushing to Adrian Peterson, an NFL record.Last year’s solid defense has disappeared and a sputtering offense could cost them.Bad Week for Gilbert ArenasBy KAT WILLIAMS The Washington Wizard had to have his knee drained for the second time in three weeks, preventing him from practicing for the third day in a row. He will be playing in the next game against the Nets.Bad Week for Pacman JonesBy IBI TARIQAfter a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones was informed that his year-long suspension will not be reduced to a half-season. Jones has been arrested six times now, and faces an uphill battle to regain any spot on the Titans. Good Week for New Orleans HornetsBy JAKE AHRENSThere are no longer rumors of moving to Oklahoma City for this franchise. They got off to a fast and effective start, winning their first four games, while their young point guard, Chris Paul, dished out a ridiculous 21 assists in a decisive victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.Good Week for Ben RoethlisbergerBy MIKE MURPHYThe Steelers beat the Ravens Monday by a score of 38-7. Big Ben completed 13 of 16 passes with five of those completions going for touchdowns. He left in the third quarter with an injury, but managed to tie the franchise record for touchdowns in a game just in the first half.Good Week for Suspended NFL Players By JASON BUSHEYNFL players Tank Johnson, Chris Henry, and Koren Robinson were all reinstated by the league this week. Johnson and Henry both served eight-week suspensions for off-the-field incidents and will join their teams for their respective week nine match-ups.Robinson had three catches in the Green Bay win on Sunday.

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Good Week / Bad Week