Gymnastics Raises $4,000

Last week, the UVM Gymnastics team, in association with Hruska Gymnastics Academy, raised approximately $4,100 to be donated to Hurricane Katrina relief, more than any other single group on campus. The fundraiser was an event hosted by Hruska Gymnastics Academy in Winooski. Both the Vermont Men’s and Women’s teams put on performances at the event, as did the Hruska Academy gymnastics team and a local cheerleading squad.

Upon entering the event, spectators were asked to make a donation to the Hurricane Relief fund. There were other fundraising activities, such as a bake sale, handstand contest and the foam pit. For five dollars, a spectator could take a few jumps from the trampoline into a pit of foam. “There was a handstand contest with a twenty dollar prize, the winner would then donate the twenty dollars back [for the hurricane]” said Allison Shapiro, a junior and member of the women’s team.

The UVM gymnastics team has been practicing at Hruska Gymnastics Academy since 2004 when their space in the Patrick Gymnasium was transformed into a varsity weight room. The team has managed to rebound from the major inconvenience of leaving UVM’s campus for practice and competition while maintaining a strong team and spirit, and most importantly while representing UVM with pride and very positive community activities. In the past the UVM teams has held several fundraisers to support their sport as well as the community by encouraging participation in gymnastics for local youths.

UVM Gymnastics is an SGA sponsored club, but don’t let their club status fool you. The team practices six days a week, in 2004 they were the National champions, and in 2005 they were the runners up. The team is currently looking for new recruits and continues their rigorous practice and competition as well as charitable events.