Month of “madness”

This time of year everyone from loyal fans to corporate businessmen and hopeful moms fill out their brackets usually to the tune of “I can’t believe (insert team here) lost last night. It completely ruined my bracket!”

If you haven’t figured it out by now, everything that could go wrong in your Division I men’s college basketball tournament bracket, will go wrong.

With that being said, there are still plenty of reasons to fill a bracket out.

The big news this season was Warren Buffet’s promise of $1 billion in prize money to be given to whomever holds a flawless bracket.

Even with billion dollar stakes as encouragement, a perfect bracket is almost statistically impossible.

After day two and 25 games, none remained.

The very first game of the tournament proved to be a devastating upset for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they fell to the University of Dayton, one of the tournament’s biggest surprises.

“If you want to win your bracket, don’t watch college basketball. This is the second year I have entered a bracket [challenge] and I’m two for two,” junior Sam Scrivani said.

While a select few will relish their correct picks, and maybe come away with some money, most will have to find ways to cope with the picks they wish they could take back.

“My Final Four is out,” junior Connor Nolan said. “It was one of the darkest March Madness experiences I’ve ever had.”

“But I will be back next year with a vengeance and [Warren] Buffet’s wallet is gonna be in my scope. Anyways, Florida is going to take the win. I’d bet The Cynic budget on it,” he said.

In some typical, dramatic Final Four action, the University of Kentucky Wildcats’ Aaron Harrison, just off a game-winning three pointer to beat Michigan, found himself again in the spotlight.

Down two points with five seconds left, the young gun hit a big three point shot to take the Wildcats to the championship.

This year’s tournament Final Four teams consist of the University of Connecticut Huskies, the Florida Gators, the Wisconsin Badgers and the Kentucky Wildcats. The games will take place in Arlington, Texas April 7.

For fans who want to watch UConn face off against Kentucky, nosebleed seats start at $500 a piece. I’d consider that a safe investment if you still happen to have a perfect bracket.