NBA Power Rankings

1.) Chicago Bulls (57-20) – The Bulls are 8-2 in their last 10 and poised to make a deep run in the playoffs, with MVP favorite Derrick Rose. A huge regular season game against the Celtics last Thursday revealed a lot about the team.

2.) Los Angeles Lakers (55-23) – The Lakers had the one-seed in their sights until they dropped their last three, while the Spurs rattled off three wins. LA’s only concern right now should be entering the playoffs with a healthy roster because, as of now, they will be the Western Conference favorites. Kobe will be Kobe and with a frontline of Pau Gasol and a healthy Andrew Bynum, that is a formula for winning in the playoffs.

3.) San Antonio Spurs (60-19) – The Spurs have sputtered down the stretch but now have the top seed locked up and are looking at a tough Oklahoma City team in the playoffs if all four top seeds are to win in the first round. As is the case with the Lakers, health is all that matters for the Spurs entering the postseason. A veteran core knows how to turn it into overdrive and win games in the playoffs.

4.) Denver Nuggets (48-30) – Up until now I had not been completely sold on the Nuggets. Now I am buying what they are selling. Since the “Carmelo Trade” the team has looked exceptional, losing only five games, while their trade partners, the Knicks, have gone the opposite direction. One thing is for certain: no Western Conference team wants to see the Nuggets in any round of the playoffs. The Nuggets epitomize team basketball.

5.) Boston Celtics (54-23) – They had showdowns with Chicago and Miami last week which said a lot about the team (Not knowing the results, column was written Thursday). If the Celtics pull off two wins, it would be a huge boost for fans’

morale. Two losses may take away fans’ hopes but win or lose the players know they can win in the playoffs and that is good enough for me.