NFL picks week 10

Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints — Sunday, Nov. 13, 1 p.m.

Like the other two games we are featuring this week, this one is a high-powered divisional matchup. The Falcons and Saints have separated themselves from the Bucs as the two best teams in the NFC South and this game will go a long way in determining who has the upper hand for the rest of the season.

Atlanta has won three straight games and their only home loss has come at the hands of the invincible Green Bay Packers.

New Orleans rebounded nicely last week after losing two of their previous three games to Tampa and, surprisingly, St. Louis. It really seems like the Falcons have gotten back to the ground game and if they can keep the ball away from Drew Brees they should be able to make a statement in the Georgia Dome.

The Pick: Atlanta


Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers — Sunday, Nov. 13, 1 p.m.

The Bengals are a story, and rightfully so. They have the fourth-ranked defense in the NFL and are 6-2 led by rookie Andy Dalton at quarterback. But if you look at the teams Cincinnati has beaten, are you really that impressed?

Their most impressive win was against Buffalo, but the shine of that win is quickly fading after New York dominated the Bills last week. Besides Buffalo, Cincinnati has beaten Indianapolis, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Seattle and Tennessee.

I hate to bash the Bengals for being 6-2 but they haven’t played anyone this season like the Steelers who, coming off a heart-wrenching loss to the Ravens, are seething. If the Bengals win this game I will be shocked. An angry Steelers defense combined with a rookie quarterback who has yet to play in a big game does not bode well for the Bengals.

The Pick: Pittsburgh

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots — Sunday, Nov. 13, 8:20 p.m.

What can I say about this game? New England is trying to avoid a three-game losing streak, and the Jets are trying to extend their winning streak to four.

Written off by many after their 2-3 start, the Jets are in a position to take the reins of the AFC East and finally take a step toward a division crown. Tom Brady always gives the Pats a good chance of winning every game, but teams that can pressure the quarterback have been able to rattle him.

Everyone knows the Jets’ defense will play well. It is the Jets’ offense that will determine the outcome of this game. The Jets cannot turn the ball over and must score early in the game. In the last three years when the Jets have gotten behind early, they lose their ability to run the football and control the clock, both essentials against New England.

Mark Sanchez, it is time for you to play 60 minutes. If you can play consistent and productive football for four quarters, your team will undoubtedly win.

The best teams in the AFC — the Steelers and Ravens — have dominant defenses. The two teams that have beaten the Pats in the last two weeks have had great defenses. The Jets, by virtue of their great defense, will join both groups on Sunday.


The Pick : New York