NFL Picks Week 8


Denver Broncos vs. Detroit Lions

The national media once again cares about the Denver Broncos. Their game on Sunday was covered as if the Broncos and the Dolphins were battling it out for AFC supremacy. In reality, the two teams are horrendous football teams who have a combined record of 2-10.

Tebow will make his home debut on Sunday against a Lions team that is a loss away from full-fledged panic mode. Matthew Stafford has an injured ankle and — with his medical history — Detroit fans have to be concerned. Stafford is listed as day-to-day and there are rumors that Detroit will sit Stafford against Denver because Detroit has a bye the following week.

Imagine Detroit sits Stafford and somehow Tebow and the Broncos pull off an upset to put Detroit at 5-3: What a storyline that would be. In fact, the mere prospect of Tebow’s mug being all over Sunday night sports center after further killing Detroit’s buzz is enough for me to pick against him.

The Pick: Detroit

Pittsburg Steelers vs. New England Patriots

In a week sparse in big-time games, this is by far the best of the bunch. The New England v. Pittsburg matchup isn’t a rivalry per se but the two teams have each been symbols of success in the last decade, and the matchup is always a joy to watch.

Stats don’t mean everything but in this game the No. 1 ranked passing offense — New England — is going up against the No. 1 passing defense. A random factoid that you might be interested in: The top four ranked defenses in the NFL are all from the AFC North.

Despite Pittsburg’s prolific defense, how can you pick against Tom Brady right now? I really tried to say something insightful about him here but there is nothing that can be said about the guy that hasn’t already been said. He is the best quarterback in the NFL; better than Aaron Rodgers, better than Drew Brees.

Trust me, I would love nothing more for than the Steelers to lay the hammer on Brady and force multiple turnovers in a dominant victory. Sadly, like all of my dreams of Patriot futility, that is just a pipe dream.

The Pick: New England

San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chargers are coming off a 27-21 loss to the Jets last week and the national media has been absolutely destroying the Chargers. San Diego’s loss to the Jets was treated as a collapse by San Diego rather than a comeback victory for the Jets. Has everyone forgotten that the Jets actually have a talented team on both sides of the football? Has everyone forgotten that the Jets and Chargers matchup extremely well against each other? Has everyone forgotten that the Jets are a top-10 pass defense and they have an outstanding record at home over the last three years?

If there is one thing I learned on Sunday it is that both the Jets and the Chargers are good football teams. I didn’t learn that the Jets are a team playing spoiler and the Chargers failure to beat them speaks to the troubles in San Diego. Lets all just take a step back and understand that the Chargers lost a tough game to a tough team in a tough atmosphere.

Now everyone is saying that the AFC West is wide-open and that even Kansas City — sitting at 3-3 — has a shot at winning the division. I think the Chargers are going to make a mockery of the Chiefs at home on Monday Night Football. Philip Rivers is being ripped apart in the media and the big game he “needs to have” will come Monday night.

The Pick: San Diego