NFL picks week five

Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins

As seems to be the case every year, the Redskins came into this season with lofty expectations after a noisy offseason.  And, as also seems to be a yearly occurrence, they have failed to meet expectations. Although McNabb has been his usual elite self, the Redskins’ defensive woes, especially in the passing department, have been their downfall.

Unfortunately, their dreadful pass defense meets one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers this week, which only spells disaster for Washington. Expect Rodgers to put on a clinic and, in the process, finally stamp out the “Brett Favre” remnants once and for all.


(RL) Green Bay Packers

(WA) Green Bay Packers


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts

In this game we see a matchup between one team that knows nothing of success in recent years, the Chiefs, against a team that has known nothing but success over the last decade, the Colts. Two weeks ago I said that the Chiefs have a certain charm this year and that I am pulling for them to win. I still feel this way, but it would be foolish to pick them over the team with the best player in the NFL leading them.

As of Oct. 1, the Colts’ Austin Collie leads the NFL in receiving yards, receptions and touchdown catches. So, who do you cover, Collie, Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark? With Peyton Manning throwing to these guys, it’s just not fair.


(WA) Indianapolis Colts

(RL) Indianapolis Colts


Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Jets

I am going to be honest with all of you: I am a diehard Jets fan. I reveal this because it is extremely difficult on a week-to-week basis to be bias-free when talking about the Jets. That being said, I am picking them over Minnesota this week. I have a deep and passionate animosity toward Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre.

We all remember Favre with the Jets three years ago, and we all, at least Jets fans, remember him choking when it really mattered. There is bad blood between Favre and New York, that I can promise you.

Let’s not forget that this game will be played on Monday night in front of 82,566 severely intoxicated Jets faithful. If Favre is true to form, he will cave under the pressure and turn the ball over in a big spot once again. Or, even more likely, Mark Sanchez will continue to mature in front of us, the defense will be its usual dominant self and the Jets will route the clueless Vikings in front of the entire country in primetime.


(WA) New York  Jets

(RL) New York Jets


New Orleans Saints vs. Arizona Cardinals

Don’t let the Cardinals 2-1 start confuse you, their two wins came against the Rams and Raiders. As long as they’re being led into battle by the almighty Derek Anderson, who completed 44.5 percent of his passes last year, it’s hard to see the Cardinals making any noise this year. Larry

Fitzgerald is figuring out how to tear his ACL as you read this. On the other side, boasting a top 10 offense and a defense, sure to finish in the top five in takeaways, the Saints are looking to contend for NFC supremacy once again.  While a victory is never guaranteed in the NFL, this looks like an easy one for the Saints.


(RL) New Orleans Saints

(WA) New Orleans Saints