NFL picks week three

After a mind-boggling beginning to the NFL season, we have a nice slate of games for week three. This week’s guest predictor is photography editor Kruti Kansara. Do you think you’re up to the challenge? Become a guest picker by e-mailing [email protected]

This week, the  picks are made by:

WA: Will Andreycak

DG: Diana Giunta

EZ: Eli Zink

KK: KrutiKansara

Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants

With the Colts’ early loss to the Texans, the AFC South has more of a completive feel to it. Similarly, the loss of the Cowboys to the Redskins makes the NFC East a division that could be won by three teams, sorry Philadelphia. That makes this early season matchup a somewhat intriguing one.

I will be watching the matchup between the running game of the Titans vs. the defensive front of the Giants. Chris Johnson succeeds because he breaks the first tackle and gets into the secondary.

The Giants, while down at the linebacker position this season compared to past seasons, have a brilliant front four that have the ability to make the first tackle on Johnson that most teams fail to do.

The turnover differential will determine this one. Both Vince Young and Eli Manning are prone to interceptions, so this game will be interesting. In the end a quarterback’s miscue will decide the game. Sorry Eli.


(WA) Tennessee Titans

(DG)  Tennessee Titans

(EZ)   New York Giants

(KK)  Tennessee Titans

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

Does anyone else have a strong dislike for Jay Cutler as a quarterback? I know at least 75 percent of you just nodded your head to that question. Cutler has the potential to be a top five quarterback in the NFL, but for whatever reason he can’t push himself out of the ditch of underachievement and disappointment.

The Packers need an answer at the running back position after Ryan Grant was lost for the season. But let us be honest. It’s all about Aaron Rodgers and the passing game for the Pack.

The Bears are far from the defensive juggernaut that they used to be, and this Monday night matchup has lost a little luster compared to previous seasons.

That being said, the Bears’ running back Matt Forte is a stud, and if Cutler can have a game he’s capable of, the Bears have a shot.

The Packers have incredible offensive fire power. For that reason, and not because of my bias against Cutler, I’m picking the Packers here.


(WA) Green Bay Packers

(DG)  Green Bay Packers

(EZ)   Chicago Bears

(KK)  Green Bay Packers

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

At the beginning of this season, who would have thought that this game would be a compelling one? In fact, if you asked me before week one, I’d have said that this is one of the top battles of ultimate mediocrity in the NFL.

But the Chiefs stunned the Chargers in week one, and the 49ers are on the cusp of being a playoff contender due to the lack of competition in the NFC West. A win for either team elevates their long-shot playoff status.

There is something charming about the Chiefs. Something that, for some strange reason that I cannot put my finger on, makes me want them to continue winning.

The division is up for grabs. The Raiders are an utter disaster, the Broncos are offensively challenged to the point where Tim Tebow might start in a few weeks and the Chargers were just beaten by the Chiefs.


(WA) Kansas City Chiefs

(DG)  Kansas City Chiefs

(EZ)   San Francisco 49ers

(KK)  Kansas City Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints

The Falcons have been on the precipice of success in the division ever since they drafted Matt Ryan as their franchise quarterback. But the only way they can secure themselves as legitimate playoff contenders is by beating the Saints.

A great matchup of quarterbacks will headline this game: The future quarterback of the division, Ryan, against the quarterback of the present, Brees. Based on that explanation alone, it’s pretty obvious who will win this one.    

One day the Falcons will be the NFC South’s best team, but not yet. That title belongs to the champs.


(WA) New Orleans Saints

(DG)  New Orleans Saints

(EZ)   Atlanta Falcons

(KK)  New Orleans Saints

Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans

After a statement game by the Texans in week one in the form of a victory over perennial division winner, the Indianapolis Colts, the Texans look to defeat another Super Bowl contender.

While the Texans, and Arian Foster, are feel-good stories, if the Cowboys lose this one, Wade Phillips might be out in Dallas — if he isn’t on his way out already.

The Cowboys cannot have another let down game and they cannot continually make mistakes again. If you watched the game against the Redskins, it was evident that the Cowboys should have won by double digits.

The vulnerability shown by Dallas encourages the rest of the NFC East and tells us that, that division will be a dogfight until the last week of the season. All the more reason why Dallas needs to beat up on teams outside of their division.



 (WA) Dallas Cowboys

 (DG) Houston Texans

 (EZ) Dallas Cowboys

 (KK) Houston Texans