NFL Picks Week13

New Orleans Saints AT Atlanta Falcons
A victory in their week 12 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers would have been monumental for the Saints for two reasons. The more obvious is that New Orleans would maintain pace in the chase for a wild-card bid in the NFC playoffs. On a more symbolic level, a win against one of the NFCs best teams would be a legitimizing act by a team that started 0-4 this season.

Instead of securing such an important win, the Saints fell to the 49ers and under .500 once again. They go into their matchup with the 10-1 Falcons needing more than ever a win over their divisional rivals. The Falcons are likely salivating at a chance for retribution against the team that handed them their only loss this year. If the Falcons are to be taken seriously, they must have this one at home. Matt Ryan, its time to step up.

The Picks:
Atlanta: Will, Mike, Jeremy and Colin
New Orleans: Josh and Jake

Minnesota Vikings AT Green Bay Packers
Besides their out-of-nowhere victory over the 49ers in week three, can you really point to an impressive win for the Vikings? The combined record of the teams they have beaten this year withholding the record of the 49ers is 14-30.

The Packers are coming off a downright embarrassing loss to the Giants in prime time last Sunday night and I expect them to bounce back nicely in this divisional game. Green Bay is just one game back from the Bears in the NFC North and a loss to the Vikings at home would spell disaster.

The Picks:
Green Bay: Will, Mike, Jeremy, Colin, Josh and Jake

Pittsburgh Steelers AT Baltimore Ravens

Ben Roethlisberger said that he hopes to play Sunday against the Ravens, and he better in order for the Steelers to have a shot in this one. In the two games he has missed, Pittsburgh has averaged just 12 points and 185 yards through the air. More importantly, the Steelers lost both games by a margin of a touchdown or less close games in which Big Ben thrived late. If
the Steelers want to salvage their season, they need Roethlisberger on the field. On Monday, Big Ben said that he will try and play. Doesnt sound too promising and as such I cant see the Steelers going into Baltimore and coming out with a victory.

The Picks:
Baltimore: Will, Mike, Jeremy, Colin, Josh and Jake

New York Giants AT Washington Redskins

After RGIIIs brilliance on Thanksgiving Day 20-28, 311 yards passing, four touchdowns the Redskins are in second place in the NFC East and just two games behind the New York Giants. If the Skins can beat the Giants on Sunday, they would be just a game back in the division with a remaining schedule that includes Baltimore (9-2), Cleveland (3-8), Philadelphia (3-7), and Dallas (5-6). The Giants last four include matchups against New Orleans (5-6), Atlanta (10-1), Baltimore and Philadelphia. Obviously opponents records are of little use in predicting game outcomes down the road, but it is feasible to think that the Redskins could potentially have the same record as the Giants after week 17, if and only if they can beat the Giants.

All that being put on the table, the Giants just shredded Green Bay at home and a win against the Redskins would all but assure a division title. Despite the allure of RGIII and the flashy young Redskins, in important divisional games you always have to take the team thats been there before.

The Picks:
New York: Will, Colin and Josh
Washington: Mike, Jake and Jeremy