NFL Quarterback Don McPherson to Speak at UVM Tuesday

The University of Vermont Department of Athletics is co-sponsoring a visit by Don McPherson, former Syracuse University and National Football League quarterback and prominent violence prevention activist, to campus next week. McPherson will speak at 7:30pm on Tuesday, Nov. 4th at the Campus Center Theater. The talk is free and open to the public.

McPherson, executive director of the Sports Leadership Institute at Adelphi University, is highly engaging and has a very effective message for men and women alike. He especially challenges men to stand up against violence against women.

By all accounts, Don McPherson is a “man’s man”- a former pro football player for the Philadelphia Eagles and star athlete at Syracuse in football and track. He says he didn’t become a “real man” until after his football career ended, though, and now speaks out against violence nationally.

“Being a man is allowing yourself to be the whole person you are,” he said. “I learned that just being a “good guy” was not enough; it’s going to take “good guys” speaking up, supporting women and confronting the men who would otherwise remain silent or unaware of the problem.”

McPherson will also visit two Life Skills classes in the UVM Athletic Department during his time on campus. The UVM Gender Violence Response Team, the UVM Department of Athletics, Greek Life and the NCAA are sponsoring his visit to the University of Vermont.

-Athletic Communications