Red Sox Back to winning ways

For longer than I liked after the Red Sox clinched the World Series championship in Game 6 against the St. Louis Cardinals, I was still singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ to anyone who would listen. 

Funny, because for the past few seasons, I was singing a different tune. 

I hate to admit it, but I’m not sure I was totally on board with Dustin Pedroia when he tweeted back in March, “Only thing I ask is u believe now! Don’t jump on later. Boston doesn’t have bandwagon fans!” 

At that time, my head was still reeling from the chicken and beer September collapse and the agonizing reign of Bobby Valentine. 

I just wasn’t ready to tune into a Red Sox game yet – because for me, when baseball sucks, it really sucks. 

Shortly after, ‘nice guy’ John Farrell was hired as the new manager and the Red Sox brand began undergoing some serious image alterations. 

The traditionally anti-Red Sox buy-low approach was used to sign Johnny Gomes, Shane Victorino and Stephen Drew. 

Fans were certainly still miffed, but in April the Sox began winning – and not just for their own egos, but for the city of Boston. 

When the Red Sox clinched the American League East, I started chipping away at my doubts. Then it was all an anxious cheering blur from there. 

Between camera angles of Big Papi and Farrell, it was hard for me to miss the image of the svelt John Henry who I had so vehemently attacked before. Credit should be given where credit is due, though; Henry is back on top. 

At one point, I thought it’d be nearly impossible for Henry to make the right moves to allow two storied teams to thrive. 

But Liverpool Football Club – also conveniently owned by Henry – has enjoyed an early rise in this season’s table. Additionally, Henry has proven he’s got the guts for a serious gamble with his recent acquisition of The Boston Globe. 

From the successes of his recent months, it may just be that Henry is the perfect one to buy something doomed and give it a future. 

For now, the gambles have certainly paid off. So hats off to you sir, because Oct. 30 was a great day to be a Red Sox fan. 

But really, regardless of your fandom isn’t it the incredible unpredictable highs and lows that come with any sports team that keeps us all tuned in? 

This season taught me to have a little more faith and of course, to date men who can actually grow beards in November. Now if only if can practice what I preach for the Celtics.