Sports in short

Quote of the week

” It’s modern day slavery, you know?”

-Adrian Peterson

Refering to the NFL labor situation

Boss of the week: Chicago Bulls

With a win on March 13, the Bulls pulled ahead of the Boston Celtics by half a game to sit atop the Eastern Conference. This was their seventh straight win, 10th of the last 11 games, led by Derrick Rose’s 23 points.

When was the last time the Bulls gained the top spot in the East this late in the season? Back in 1997-98. The year of their sixth and most recent NBA title.

Goat of the week: Roger Goodell

Yeah, you’ve kinda screwed it up this time. How does it feel to have hundreds of huge, steroided-out men who physically attack people for a living all mad at you at once?

The recently enacted lockout suspends all NFL activities and could potentially shorten the upcoming NFL season. So you’ve got the players and the owners mad at you now — if you end up causing a season shortage, you’re gonna have millions of fans pretty pissed off at you too.

Tim Kelly wins national title at NCAA Ski Championships

First-year Catamount Tim Kelly earned the top national spot in the men’s slalom on the last day of the 2011 NCAA National Ski Championships. Kelly, one of only five skiers to post a first run of under 49 seconds, followed up with an impressive second run to register a final time of 1:39.42 — the clinching factor in his title achievement.

Men’s basketball season ends in first round of NIT

In a nearly successful buzzer-beater attempt, junior Matt Glass could not drain the game-tying three, sending the Catamounts home after a 63-60 loss to Cleveland State.

Without the distinctive presence of the injured Evan Fjeld, UVM could not advance past the first round of the National Invitational Tournament and their season ended with a still impressive record of 23-9.