Strong cats lift weight

Last Friday students and one faculty member competed to reign as “strongest Cat.”

The Strong Cat Competition—a weight, strength and conditioning competition—was held in the varsity strength and conditioning room April 26.

It was the first competition of its kind to be hosted by Campus Recreation and it aimed to be inviting for anyone to participate, said Tim Lewis, the associate director of campus recreation.

“We wanted it to be something that a lot of people would be attracted to participate in,” Lewis said. “We were very selective in the events, we didn’t want it to just be weight lifting stuff, we wanted to have some endurance, some strength and a good balance.”

The event had both recreation and advanced divisions which consisted of four categories: bench press, pull-ups, shuttle run and sled push.

“The people that came out had a great time, it was a great atmosphere and I look forward to doing more of these,” Lewis said.