The Cynic sports shorts

Boss of the week:

Boston Celtics

The NBA season opener took place Oct. 26. The new “big three” for the Heat made their debut in Boston in front of a sold-out crowd.

No matter the outcome, this game was going to make headlines afterwards. Either the Heat would win and the “big three” would make a triumphant debut, or they would flop and start the season with a loss to one of their biggest competitors for Eastern Conference supremacy.

And to the joy of most of the country the Heat flopped, shooting just 36 percent from the field on their way to an 88-80 loss. Best of all, the “big three” combined for a 17-48 shooting effort — 35 percent — and 15 turnovers.

The Heat have the sexiest team in the NBA but the Celtics reminded us that games are won with team defense and depth off the bench.


Goat of the week: Fools at Yankee Stadium

Last Tuesday a story leaked stating that several fans at Yankee Stadium during the ALCS against the Rangers were screaming obscenities and spitting on family members of the Rangers who were in attendance.

Among that group of family members was the wife of Rangers’ ace Cliff Lee.

Cliff Lee is set to become the most coveted free-agent pitcher in the league — maybe ever — at the conclusion of this season. The Yankees are pinning all their hopes of returning to the World Series on the expected signing of Lee.

Everyone who even remotely follows baseball knows that Cliff Lee will likely sign with the Yankees, a team that can outbid everyone.

Lee reassured the media that this wouldn’t affect his decision, but come on now Yankees fans, you know better than that. In the end it won’t matter, I am sure Mrs. Lee will forgive and forget for more than $100 million guaranteed.

Quote of the week

“If I appear short, it’s because it’s somewhat insulting to me to assume that we’re doing anything under any normal circumstances other than trying to play within the rules. That how our guys play, that’s how we coach.”


— Mike Tomlin, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, responding to NFL Vice President of Operations Ray Anderson applauding James Harrison for “letting up” on running backs and “restraining himself” a week after the new hit policy was established.

Women’s soccer coach resigns

UVM women’s soccer head coach Kwame Lloyd has announced his resignation after three years of running the program.

During the three-year period Lloyd was in charge, he compiled a record of 7-42-4. This season, Vermont posted an overall record of 2-16 and went 1-7 in America East action.

Assistant coach Kristi Lefebvre has been named interim head coach and will take control of the program until a new head coach is found.