This week in sports

Boss of the week: Mike Modano and the Dallas Stars fan base

Mike Modano is one of the greatest American-born hockey players in the history of the sport. After spending 20 phenomenal years in Dallas, the Stars didn’t offer Modano a contract extension and instead of retiring, he signed with the Detroit Red Wings. In 20 seasons as the face of the Stars/North Stars franchise, Modano had 557 goals and 1,359 points, the most by a U.S.-born player in NHL history.

While Modano’s Red Wings lost 4-1, the reception he received from his former team was the story.

There is no way Dallas was going to boo Modano, but it is all too common to see athletes of former teams being ridiculed upon return. Modano is one of the leagues greatest domestic contributors and the entire league knows it. It was warming to see a great American athlete get recognition for his impact on a single city.

Goat of the week: Gilbert Arenas

Last Tuesday controversial Wizard guard Gilbert Arenas was fined for faking an injury to his knee, which he did to give backup Nick Young more playing time. “I lied to coach and told him my knee was sore so he’d start Nick,” Arenas said. Wow Gilbert. Coming off a year where you were almost thrown in jail for brandishing a handgun in the locker room, a little discretion would be nice.

The next game Arenas made his first start at home in over nine months but was removed from the game with a real groin injury in the first three minutes. By the time the game was over, Arenas had left the building. Prepare yourself for one hell of a year, Wizards fans.

Quote of the week

“I can’t wait to taste his power.”

­­— Jets linebacker Bart Scott, who has never faced Adrian Peterson before, on the prospect of facing the Minnesota running back before their Monday Night game last week.