Women’s basketball falls after a great run

For the first time in the program’s history, the women’s basketball team made it to the second round of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, which was held this past Tuesday.

Although the team made it past Wisconsin in the first round, they were unable to defeat No. 2 seed Notre Dame. The Catamounts fell to the Irish 84-66.

Things were looking up for the Catamounts when they took the lead 20-10 after sinking a three-pointer by freshman Kendra Seto.

But, with just 2:03 left in the first half, the Irish flipped the score and were up with a 37-27 lead. Then, with yet another three-pointer at the halftime buzzer, Seto was able to bring the Catamounts to 33-42.

Being only nine points behind, Vermont still had hopes of taking home the win. They were able to bring the score to 55-47 with 15 minutes left in the second half, but that was as close as they would get.

With a little more then five minutes left in the game, Vermont was trailing by 20. They couldn’t regain the lead and fell to the Irish 84-66. The women’s team ends their season with a record of 27-7.