Women’s hockey season comes to a disappointing close

The women’s ice hockey team  kicked off their 2009-2010 season strong, beating high-profile teams like Princeton and Clarkson, but their good fortune soon faded and they went on the road to lose 13 games, almost consecutively.

“We were really happy with the way we played from the start of the season through the middle of November,” head coach Tim Bothwell said. “But then we had a bit of a downer the last three or four games before Christmas and the first three or four games after Christmas.”

Despite being on the road for so long, the team was able to get back on track toward the end.

“We were very happy with the last five or six weeks of the season. We played very well,” Bothwell said.

Unfortunately, the team did not qualify for the playoffs, although they came close.

“We were close again,” Bothwell said. “The situation was the same as last year, if we’d had managed to score just a handful more goals, things might be different.”

This season was a great success for the incoming freshmen, as well as for the departing seniors.

“My first season was good. It was a lot of work but it was a good season,” freshman Emily Walsh said. “We had a lot of really good games in the end. I’m happy with the way we ended.”

“The freshmen all certainly contributed in a significant way,” Bothwell said. “Erin Wente, Maggie Walsh [and] Emily Walsh all made very good, solid contributions.  I think they were good additions to the team for sure.”

 The team will be losing five seniors this year.

“They’re going to leave a big hole for sure,” Bothwell said. “[Kristin] Olychuck was a really good teammate, a great goaltender and an excellent student as well — we’ll really miss her.”

“Brittany Nelson and Chelsea Furlani — same thing,” Bothwell said. “They both contributed on the power play [and] penalty killing — they scored some points for us.”

Although they will not be playing in the playoffs, they are optimistic about next season.

“We definitely need to be better but we’re making progress every year which is a good thing,” Bothwell said.