Women’s lacrosse opens season strong


With a current winning record of 6-2, the Vermont women’s lacrosse team is off to their best start since 1994.

    After a disappointing end to the 2011 season, finishing with one less win than losses, the nine returning players came into the 2012 season ready to improve.

    “I think were going to get a lot of wins this year,” said returning sophomore Sydney Mas. “What’s amazing about this year is that we have a winning mentality, we’re not going to be surprised when we win a game – we expect to win a game.”

     In the season opener at the end of February, UVM christened the new Virtue Field with a win against Colgate, finishing with a final score of 18-12.

     By the end of the game, senior Samantha Stern racked up a total 11 points on five goals and six assists, and earned her 100th career point as a Catamount.

      “First game of the year and first win here at Virtue Field, I thought it was a great start,” said Vermont head coach Jen Johnson.

     The Lady Catamounts’ momentum continued on as they then hosted the Siena St. Bernards just a few days later. For the second time this season, Stern again led the team by scoring a total six points helping to bring their lead to a firm 16-8.

    The winning streak continued as the ladies in green and gold tallied up another two wins while on the road facing top teams such as Davidson and High Point. The team’s first loss came in a heartbreaking last minute win for UMass.

     The game was bound to be a tough one for Vermont given that they, as the second best offense in the country, were being matched up against the number one. Within the last few minutes of the first half, UMass was leading Vermont 5-1. But right out of the half, Vermont scored an additional four goals bringing the score to a tie at 5-5.

    As the seconds ticked away, the two teams seemed to shoot and score together. As UMass would earn a point, Vermont would answer right back and match them.

    Unfortunately, UMass netted the pair of their game-winning goals with less than eight minutes left. At the 2:09 mark UMass lead 9-7, but with their possession Vermont’s Senior Adison Rounds scored once again, however that was the last time the ball would see the back of UMass’ net.

    Four days later, Vermont tried once more to bring up their record while on the road, against Dartmouth. Unfortunately their losing record continued as Dartmouth topped Vermont 13-9.

    In their game against Columbia on March 17, sophomore Sydney Mas scoring four goals and Samantha Stern, who racked up another six points with one goal, led the team.

     “Columbia played a hard fought game, they made us to work for everything,” said Johnson. “I was pleased with how we responded to the challenge to get the victory.”           With the end of their short losing streak the women’s lacrosse team anticipates to continue on with wins as they advance throughout the season.

    The Cats faced Quinnipiac on March 21, beating the Bobcats 18-9 and marking their sixth win of the season.

     This week the Lady Catamounts move on to face Boston University on March 24, which will be their first America East conference game of the year.