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Abortions need to be safe and legal

Ariana Arden

March 16, 2016

It’s been a long and harrowing political road, but the Republican candidates have finally dwindled to a manageable number. While I’m glad the clown car has come to an end, we must acknowledge the irresponsibility of the candidates. Last year they promised the world they would run for p...

Don’t shame women voting for men

Don’t shame women voting for men

March 2, 2016

Many people have told me that wanting to vote for Bernie Sanders is just a phase. They cite different reasons: I’m a college student, I’m young, I live in Vermont. But the reason that makes me the angriest is the one I hear most often: I’m a woman.I identify as a feminist and want to see all ...

Your voice can make a difference

February 3, 2016

Voting: A simple act that has the potential to change the political landscape of our country.This is especially true during the current election cycle.Though it’s only January, this race is already shaping up to be one for the history books.When the headlines are dominated by Donald Trump’s late...

Trump rally in Burlington met with local opposition

<p>Trump rally in Burlington met with local opposition</p>

Kelsey Neubauer, Assistant News Editor

January 9, 2016

Before Donald Trump took the stage at his Burlington campaign rally, a voice boomed over a loudspeaker in the Flynn Theater: “If there is a protester beside you, please throw your hands over your head and start chanting ‘Trump’.” After the voice faded out, The Rolling Stones’ “Can...

A review of the Granite State political forum

Kate Lipman

September 23, 2015

Last year my parents moved to New Hampshire, and this summer I got to live there for the first time. Presidential candidates of both parties come early and often to the Granite State, so I thought I would meet a few of the characters in this upcoming drama who were within driving distance and really ga...

Letter to the Editor: Donald Trump ‘16

September 10, 2015

Sorry, I just can’t contain my excitement any longer. This is the man I have been waiting for all my life, almost like a real Prince Charming.He has it all, the perfect hair, the wealth, and above all else, the best public relations record of any Republican presidential candidate to date.Move aside Ro...

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