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The creation of the Book Nook

The creation of the Book Nook

Greta Bjornson

May 7, 2016

Every day, countless students filter through the Davis Center. Many drop by Brennan’s, popular for its local ingredients and extensive menu. But some congregate there for a reason other than a maple milkshake craving: a visit to the Book Nook. Founded in 2010, the Book Nook is tucked away in a corner...

Davis Center employee brings culture

The Book Nook in Brennan's Pub

Camilla Broccolo

November 19, 2015

Each day at 6 a.m., one Davis Center employee heads to Brennan’s to add books to the shelf and find what students have left behind. “The Book Nook was inspired by UVM students and the vision of Jacques Paul Marton, a Davis Center custodian,” according to the UVM website. “I love seei...

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