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Budget eating: tasty tips for cheap food

Isabella Alessandrini, Culture Columnist

October 18, 2018

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At UVM there are food cues all around us: appetizing aromas of stir-fries, tacos, popcorn and pizza waft out of dining halls, Brennan’s, the Marketplace, food trucks and the Marché. Snacks and sodas beckon to students from vending machines sprinkled in buildings all over campus.   We’re in an environment that is constant...

Pam’s Deli wraps it up at UVM

Pam’s Deli wraps it up at UVM

December 6, 2017

Pam Bissonnette leaned forward on the window of her food truck. “What can I get ya, hun?” she asked. After 35 years of feeding ...

Local chefs rival for spot on food truck fleet

Local chefs rival for spot on food truck fleet

Alex Shannon, Staff Writer

September 20, 2017

Filed under Campus Life, Life

It’s hard to imagine UVM’s University Place road without a fleet of food trucks during midday. ...

Dining on-campus: my favorite places to go

Chris Leow

November 5, 2015

Filed under Columns, Life

As a junior, I’m still exploring UVM’s on-campus dining options. There are some locations that are well known and some that are hidden gems. Classy Dining One little, lesser-known place is the Waterman Manor. Located on the top floor of Waterman, this fancy location is only open for three hours a day but offers fantast...

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