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Humans of UVM

October 23, 2015

CHELSEA GELWARG NEW YORK, NEW YORKI have a WRUV radio show starting in about 6 minutes. It’s called “A Bundle of Carrots.” There’s no real reason for the name. I just spent a lot of time in City Market last year buying a variety of colored carrots. The purple ones are my favorite.This station is my outlet. I like to share good music. Today is blues and bubbly ...

International Students talk about their experiences

October 14, 2015

Different academic cultures, another language and 7,400 miles don’t seem to be enough to stop four UVM students from encouraging others to achieve their academic goals -- in addition to their own.  Sophomores Chen Yang, Kaseya Xia, Dave Chik and first-year Zhou Shihao’s understand the academic cha...

Fund for student life seemingly unknown by students

Jackie Flynn

October 13, 2015

  The Inter-Residents Association Student Union has part of their budget dedicated to improving student life. The only problem is that not enough students are aware of this, said junior Natalia Korpanty, IRA president. “What do they do with it?” junior Abigail Howlett said. “I didn’t know...

Study finds exercise can reduce depression

Students play pickup basketball outside of Harris Millis residential hall Oct. 2. UVM researchers are researching methods of decreasing suicide rates, including increased exercise.  KAT WAKS/ The Veromont Cynic

October 7, 2015

UVM researchers are studying ways to decrease suicide rates — the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s latest Fatal Injury Report.Jeremy Sibold, associate professor and chair of the department of rehabilitation and movement science at UVM, along with three other...

UVM ranked “top bang for buck”

UVM ranked

Camilla Broccolo

October 7, 2015

UVM is a top “bang for your buck school,” according to Washington Monthly, but some students don’t seem to agree with this number. “The term ‘bang for your buck’ means you get the best deal for what you pay,” sophomore Claire Charde said.  “I really don’t think $53,864 is a grea...

Freshers’ Week: A week packed with music, alcohol and fun parties

Hunter Colvin

October 7, 2015

The British have a thing called “Freshers’ Week,” which is basically a week-long party. And when I say party I mean party, with famous DJs and more alcohol than anyone should consume. During the day, there are activities like paintballing, kayaking or beach trips. You know those things aro...

Exploring the importance of touch

October 7, 2015

Stand-up comedian Chelsea Peretti has a sketch in which she tells the audience that she has found a new method for people who don’t like being “touchy” to handle “huggers” at parties. She suggests that when someone approaches you with wide-open arms, going in for the hug, grab their hands and start...

Professor Inspired by Traveling

Frank Zelko discusses his work in environmental activism and environmental history in his office Sept. 16. Originally from Australia, he began teaching in Vermont in 2007. TIANA CRISPIN/The Vermont Cynic

September 23, 2015

A UVM professor is using  travel as inspiration for his lectures.Frank Zelko, an environmental studies professor, said his move from Australia to Burlington benefited his work here at UVM and abroad.“One of the benefits of traveling around the world is unexpectedly learning new things and finding them really in...

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