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Exploring the local food in UVM’s dining halls

Exploring the local food in UVM's dining halls

George Weed, Feature Writer

October 22, 2019

A small truck steered around the corner and backed into the loading dock. In its refrigerated compartment, 1,500 pounds of diced potatoes sat alongside cases of local produce. This week’s shipment arrived at UVM from Intervale Food Hub, a Burlington-based food distributor. According to the Food Hub...

Burly chefs pledge to serving local

Gaku Ramen specializes in Japanese ramen noodle soups.

Addie Beach, Assistant Arts Editor

April 18, 2018

Rich chocolate, creamy soups, French pastries — all of it local.  It doesn’t take much of a walk down Church Street to get a sense of what the Burlington food scene and its chefs have to offer. One of these restaurants is Revolution Kitchen, which specializes in vegan and vegetarian food. ...

Perfecting the wine swirl

courtesy of Dedalus Wine Bar

Alexandra Shannon, Staff Writer

January 31, 2018

With an elegant swish of a thin stemmed glass, the wine’s scent floats into the air. And as long as it doesn’t “smell like a wet basement,” it’s a good wine. This proper swirling technique was one bit of wine knowledge I gained from my evening at Dedalus wine bar. Tucked away on artsy ...

Intervale provides local food to students

Intervale provides local food to students

Kailey Bates, Senior Staff Writer

October 6, 2017

Fresh, local, and sustainable food -- this is what UVM is progressively feeding their students, and it’s made possible by organizations like Intervale. The Intervale Center is a 360-acre farm in the middle of Burlington and a food hub that runs a Community Supported Agriculture program and deliv...

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