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Slade students to relocate downtown

Slade students to relocate downtown

Hannah Carpino

October 20, 2016

The meeting on Hungerford for Slade’s off-campus housing began atypically; before introductions - name, pronouns, years you’ve lived in Slade, spirit vegetable - students joined hands, enjoying a moment of complete quiet, peace and togetherness. The goal of the meeting: “To figure out what Slade’s going t...

Slade still working to keep local food

<strong>(Left) Junior Shiona Heidrich-Klein and sophomore Kiki Kane-Ow-
ens cook in the Slade community at Trinity Cottages April 4.</strong> RYAN THORNTON/The Vermont Cynic

Hannah Carpino

April 7, 2016

In response to mounting outcry from Slade residents, ResLife proposed a compromise that would no longer mean the end of Slade as an independent community. Instead of absorbing Slade into the GreenHouse program, which is housed in University Heights South, ResLife announced Slade will remain a...

Slade Hall fights to stay in cottage on Trinity

Slade Hall on Redstone Campus is pictured March 3. Residents of the sustainable living community are currently located on Trinity Campus while this building is repaired. SABRINA HOOD/The Vermont Cynic

Hannah Carpino

March 23, 2016

Slade Hall, an independent residential community self-described as a “UVM house of love,” is in danger due to proposed changes by ResLife and the University. The current residents have mobilized to save it, as outlined by the community “Save Slade” petition. For those unfamiliar with ...

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