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Smut lets your imagination run wild


Gabby Felitto

December 11, 2019

Like many prepubescent awkward teens, I became interested in sex when I was younger. Through reading smut, I was able to explore what sex was. I’ve read smuts about TV shows like “Sherlock,” and bands like 5 Seconds of Summer. Today, as a 19-year-old, smut is still one of my favorite ways to dest...

Sexual education in the U.S. has to improve

Sexual education in the U.S. has to improve

Ariana Arden

September 22, 2016

The state of sexual education in the United States is disgusting. If you grew up in a town with a good sex ed program, congratulations. But chances are, most of you didn’t. In part, that’s because there are no regulations or standards put into place regarding sex ed. This is the onl...

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