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Nursing students, senior citizens and Zoom

Juniors Tasha Kalra and Sophie Tom stand in front of Rowell Hall, Oct. 9. Kalra and Tom are both a part of the nursing program at UVM.

Emma Adams, Staff Writer

October 15, 2020

Every week, volunteers aged 65 or older log in to Zoom to be greeted by the smiles of nursing students from the comfort of their kitchen tables. Junior nursing students were looking forward to their first experience working in assisted living facilities for their Gerontology course, but the pande...

Without a boredom crush, it’s easy to lose motivation

Without a boredom crush, it's easy to lose motivation

Erin Powell

April 7, 2020

School being remote for the rest of the semester is a real bummer. But all the discussions of why remote learning is terrible have overlooked the backbone of academia: boredom crushes. A boredom crush is a cute person in your class that you have a passive crush on. The crush likely is specific to that...

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