1-2-3 Crepes

Without fail, two items appear in dorms everywhere — Ramen and Easy Mac.Food snobbery aside, it’s a shame that many college students live their lives in culinary squalor. The worst part is that good cooking is simple and easy. I’m sure many of you have had the pleasure of enjoying crepes.For those of you that haven’t, it is a very thin French “pancake” that can be either sweet or savory.To many people, French cuisine is very daunting —boeuf bourguignon isn’t the easiest dish for an amateur to prepare.But there is hope — crepes are not only delicious and fun, but they are easier to make than they seem.The trick to making the perfect crepe is as easy as 1-2-3. One cup flour, two cups milk and three eggs will make enough batter for 8-12 unsweetened crepes.First gather your ingredients and equipment:•    1 cup flour •    2 cups milk•    3 large eggs•    1 frying pan•    1 whisk or fork•    1 spatula •    1 large bowl•    vegetable oil•    1 pinch of salt•    Filling (nutella, jam, eggs, cheese or cooked veggies)•    ¼ cup sugar (only for  sweet crepes)Mix the dry ingredients — flour, salt and sugar — in the bowl.Add the eggs and milk, then whisk fervently until the batter is completely uniform in texture. It should be more runny than pancake batter.Meanwhile, have the frying pan on the stove at high heat.Once the batter is thoroughly mixed, put a tablespoon of oil in the pan to prevent sticking.Pour a thin layer of batter onto the pan and evenly distribute it by lifting the pan off the stove and tilting the pan as if you were rolling a marble around the rim.If the pan is hot enough, the first side of the crepe should be cooked in less than a minute, but use your spatula to examine the underbelly of the crepe for a pale tan color with freckles to a deep golden brown.Go around the edge of the crepe with the spatula and gently un-stick it.Lift the pan off the stove. Make sure you have plenty of room, a high ceiling and depth perception — then, with a firm forward flick of the wrists, flip the crepe into the air and catch it in the pan uncooked side down.The other side should cook much faster, and the crepe should be ready 30 – 40 seconds after being flipped.When done, gently slide the crepe onto a plate — fill, roll and enjoy. As easy as 1-2-3.