Cynic style files: In those jeans

If we haven’t made it obvious by now, the Style Files loves variety in fashion, so we’re dedicating this week’s column to the most versatile, ever-evolving item of clothing: jeans.  If clothes were food, jeans would definitely be a staple of the collective diet. From their humble beginnings in coal mines to their debut on runways today, jeans have had a long history.  Levi Strauss, the inventor of the indigo-dyed pants, sold them to miners during the Gold Rush, leading to the appearance of jeans in many old Western movies from the 20th century.  But it wasn’t until the 1950s and ’60s that jeans became a fashion statement of unconventionality — whether it be a Fonzie-esque rebel or a hippie protesting the war.          From the bell-bottoms of our parents’ days, to the high-waisted, elastic, acid-wash pants of the ’80s and the skin-tight skinny jeans of the contemporary era, jeans have been worn and torn too many ways to count.  The latest trend we’re obsessing over is “jeggings” — leggings that look like jeans. You’ll have people wondering if those skinny jeans really are that skinny!  Whether lounging around or going out on the town, jeans are highly versatile.   The same pair of jeans can be used for many different occasions — it just depends on the accessories you choose.    Just use discretion when deciding on a pair to wear.   Here’s a good rule of thumb: the darker the wash, the fancier the pant.  So don’t hide out in those raggedy, busted jeans — dare to do more with denim.