Letter to the editor: Break out the skis!

  Dear editor, Winter is the season of electric blankets, hot chocolate, sitting on the couch and waiting for springtime. Fortunately, I have found a way off the couch and the only thing going downhill this winter is me, on my skis.   I grew up approximately 10 minutes from the famous Pico Mountain in Killington. Living so close to a mountain and growing up in a house full of skiers, it was unavoidable fate to ski year after year. Skiing all the time eventually became a chore, so I decided to find other activities to keep entertained. However, many years have passed and I have run out of new activities to try and evidently I have become a winter-hating couch potato. This winter season I am making an effort to get my skiing legs back and do a few runs with my loved ones and friends. I think more students — or winter-haters in my case — should try it, too. You live in Vermont now give it a go! It may be the one thing to save you from hibernating this winter. I think it is a great way to bring people and families together. During this time of year, places to go and things to do are hard to find. What would be a better place to bring that guy or girl you are interested in on a romantic chairlift ride as you take in the beautiful sight? No matter how beautiful the sight may be at the top of the mountain, it is always difficult to find the motivation to get out in the cold. I like to remember that after a cold run down the mountain, I can always go into the lounge and warm up by the fire.   Being in a gym on a cold day has become a lackluster routine. Next time, before you grab your sneakers, grab some hand warmers and a winter coat instead. Try heading to the nearest mountain for some skiing or snowboarding to fully take advantage of living in Vermont. If it absolutely does not work out for you, there is always sledding.   Sincerely, Arielle Boutwell Class of 2015