Say hello to the pizza paradise

An intoxicating aroma sails out of the four industrial-size ovens and wafts through the doors, calling every innocent bystander inside.  Inside, one sees the walls are lined with sports paraphernalia and local high school sports team photos. Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza, located in Williston, offers much more than your average slice of pizza.  The store is located outside of Burlington, but Ramunto’s is delivering to UVM campus and offers a “Groovy UV” special seven days a week.  The meal includes two slices of their hand-tossed pizza loaded with cheese and a fountain soda for $3.49, which is much less money than a meal of equal proportion at the Davis Center. Though they do extend their delivery service to campus, take the time to go to the restaurant. Their homey environment and welcoming service makes you feel immediately at ease.  The counter help is quick and offers friendly conversation, and all the slices are laid out for the customer to see, tempting hungry onlookers to choose a slice from every pie. After placing an order, the food is then brought directly to your table.Also available in house is a variety of beer from Budweiser to Long Trail Ale, with prices ranging from $2.50-$3.00.  While Ramunto’s service and beer selection is top notch, everyone should go simply to grab a slice.  Each bite has the homemade taste everyone longs for during the school year. One such bite could come from the Sicilian cheese pizza – a step up from their average slice. The crust is baked to a medium crisp, allowing your teeth to sink in, making for a smooth bite. However, it still has a delicate crunch.  It doesn’t feel too heavy underneath the thin layer of tomato sauce, and the fresh mozzarella that sits atop the slice does not require blotting away unwanted grease.  Their tomato basil pizza could be considered the gourmet version of a cheese slice. The light flavors of grated Parmesan and strips of fresh basil are fused with roasted tomato slices to make for a more robust pizza experience.  The sauce and cheese are not laid on an average crust, but their garlic knot crust – painted with garlic sauce – adds zing to the slice.  Though their pizza is one of a kind, their menu also includes hot subs which range from Beau’s Steak Bomb to Chicken, Meatball and Sausage Parmesan.  For those who visit the gym regularly and like to stay on the healthy side of things, there are many salads to choose from, all of which offer just as full a flavor for a reasonable price (small $3.99; large $6.50). People who would rather opt for the timeless pizza-joint staple – a calzone – will not be let down. These are created with their hand-tossed dough and filled with fresh ingredients.  There are also options for vegetarians, such as the Veggie Lovers, which is packed with a multitude of ingredients. All calzones are available in half size as well as full [$7.95/$15.95].  Ramunto’s opened in June of this year, but has already baked their way into my heart. Every bite and slice allows for a different flavor experience – all of which should be experienced and enjoyed by anyone who has the chance to indulge.