This past Wednesday, hundreds of UVM students crowded into the Davis Center to hear about the elusive female orgasm.  I [Heart] Female Orgasm seemed a useful tool for a sexually inclined individual like myself, and having an orgasm seemed like an enticing way to spend an evening. Arriving an hour early and pushing my way through hundreds for a good seat was only the beginning. “O songs” — otherwise known as orgasmic rhythms — blasted as students took their seats. Students sat anxiously toe-tapping, waiting for the orgasmic recipe they had been dying to hear. I picked out the speakers immediately. Dorian Solot was confident and sexy in a form-fitting red cotton dress that outlined every curve, topped with black leather boots.Dorian’s partner, Marshal Miller, stood supportively next to her on stage as music faded to start the presentation. “I think our UVM presentation is officially becoming a tradition,” Solot said with a laugh. “Women’s sexual pleasure has been culturally ignored, and now we are re-claiming it,” she said. Such a strong statement really resonated with me because I hadn’t realized how much female pleasure is ignored.Growing up, this was never a “family dinner subject.” Talking about such a thing was considered awkward and private. In middle school, I remember hearing boys brag about how their mom found “dirty magazines” under their bed — I never thought anything of it. With Solot’s prompt, I realized that, in general, male sexual pleasure is better known and accepted in society. But this presentation worked to bring female pleasure back into the spotlight. Solot and Miller managed to cover everything from the glorious “G-Spot” to the importance of women acknowledging their own bodies in both a serious and lighthearted manner.The couple gave tips, personal stories and fun facts for women and men of all sexual orientations.  It was almost like a fireside chat— although slightly scandalous. Of course there were moments of ignored eye contact, nervous laughs and blushing faces but everyone all left with a greater understanding of the female orgasm. Now I finally feel like I could bring this topic back to my family dinner table.