Student brings new ‘energy’ to campus

Slap Energy is a new energy drink that has been brought to campus through a student ambassador program meant to give students work experience in business and marketing. Junior business major Dirk Cionci is the head of the program meant to help grow the brand. “It’s a chance for me to grow the brand and be responsible for the success of Slap on and around campus,” Cionci said. Slap Energy Drink began operations this past April. Cionci said that he thinks the low price of the new beverage will motivate students to buy it over others. “It has a refreshing taste and it’s economically geared towards college kids,” he said. “It’s only $1 — that’s how they’ll compete with other energy drinks.” Cionci was originally trying to get a sponsor for the Sigma Phi Society house. “I emailed them trying to get a drink sponsor for the house and they were interested in getting Slap at UVM and me to head their ambassador program.” The program is meant for students like Cionci to get work experience, and develop keen marketing skills, Cionci said. “This program is great for business majors who are looking to develop marketing skills that they can use in the workforce,” he said. Promotion is a key aspect of the ambassador program. Cionci said. So far, he has been managing a Facebook page as well as working with corporate and local vendors like the Shell station on Main Street and Wal-Mart. In the coming weeks, Cionci said there will be posters as well as student-sponsored events promoting the new drink.