Style Files

We here at the Style Files like to try to be as inclusive as possible — we write for all shapes, sizes and personalities. But we realized that we have neglected someone. This week, we want to pay special tribute to a certain set of readers: guys! Oh yes. This article is now (temporarily) a woman-free zone and we’re making it all about the gentlemen.  There are some common fashion faux pas men commit and easy alternatives to turn any dude into a dapper fellow.Many times, guys who dress nicely seem to get a bad rep. Their friends may tease them for appearing feminine, even questioning their sexual orientation. We’re here to disprove these myths.Face it: you’re in college now.You’re a grown man — no more shopping at Mom Buys My Clothes, Inc. It’s time to know how to dress yourself like the cool stud you are.Don’t tell your mother to go to Target and bring you home some shirts — go to the store and decide what you like yourself.The only way you can learn what your style is and what looks good on you is by seeing what is available in stores and giving some clothes a test drive.Don’t be afraid to sport bold fashion statements. The easiest way to do this is to start incorporating a variety of colors into your wardrobe. And no, your orange Syracuse hockey T-shirt does not count.You don’t have to be a snowboarder to wear bright colors, either. Remember, you don’t have to match perfectly.We like that the current trend leans more toward form-fitting clothing. It’s understandable why you might feel weird swapping your baggy duds for ones that show off your physique.  But trust us, the ladies — or whomever you prefer — will love it.We especially love V-neck shirts. If you’re bold enough, we dare you to show some chest. Before you start to freak out, remember that everyone appreciates a man who looks put together.     As we always say, when you put thought into what you wear, you will feel better about yourself. So throw out those zip-off cargo pants and put on some crisp, fitted jeans. Even your mom will appreciate it.