UVM club field hockey team tells all

After a long, excruciating week of tryouts, the UVM club field hockey team established a solid roster of about 25 women.  Club field hockey was recently reinstated in 2007 and, in a mere two seasons, was named the Club 2009 sport of the year by the student government association, President Meshia Begin said.Field hockey started the year off strong. Begin said that about 60 women tried out — more than UVM has seen in a long time.”This season will mark our first year as full members in the National Field Hockey League, as opposed to last year when UVM field hockey players were only listed as honorary members,” Begin said.Extra benefits come with the team’s official connection to the league. “Being full-time members allows the team to partake in more games this year than usual,” Vice President Heather Czapla said.”We have seven scheduled games including Middlebury, who is UVM’s, and our, favorite rival.” Czapla and Begin are both determined and believe they have what it takes to make the playoffs. “Seeing our club progress through the years is something that Meshia and I take pride in among the rest of our senior members,” Czapla said. The team has endured a lot over the past few years, according to Czapla.”Between bringing the sport back to UVM, fundraising and trying to entice people to join –  it’s been a lot of work,” she said. “We’ve brought the team back, and to a whole new level,” Begin said. Shelby Hinkle-Smith and Leon Lifschutz, UVM’s club sports coordinators, helped the team grow throughout the trial of reviving the sport.”They make the program,” Begin said. “Without them, the team would not be where it is today — they are great resources and mentors,” Czapla said.The team is also involved in community service such as the Relay for Life. “This will mark the third consecutive year UVM field hockey has participated in this event,” Begin said.”We want it to remain a tradition here at UVM,” Czapla said. Determination also runs through the rest of the team’s veins. “As captains, we try to improve the skill level and dynamics on the team while making games and practices fun and competitive,” team captains Alli Kryzwancyzk and Janet Saltau said.”We are looking forward to what is sure to be an exciting season.”Many of the girls have been with the team since it was first revived, but that means graduation is on their horizon. When Begin and 10 other team members graduate this spring, Czapla will become the new women’s field hockey club president. “I’ve been a member of this club for three years and I look forward to taking over as president,” Czapla said. “I am excited to see where next year will bring us.”Even with the graduation of Begin and the team’s other seniors, Begin has no fear for the team’s future.”The team will do great things and I have complete confidence in Heather’s ability to lead this team next year,” Begin said. “I’m really excited to see where it all goes.”