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Hannah Rose poses in Roosevelt Park, Nov. 8.

Cynic Fit Check: Hannah Rose

November 20, 2020

Hannah Rose is a senior English major, an Undergraduate Diversity Fellow at UVM and a community organizer.

THE CYNIC: Break down what you’re wearing right now for us. Why did you choose each of these pieces?

HANNAH ROSE: I always wear hoops. Literally always. And I always wear these two necklaces: this one says “Allah,” which means “God” in Arabic ‘cause I’m Muslim. This one says “YoungRosie,” which is a nickname I had in high school, because my name is Hannah Rose. And then I’m wearing these evil eye socks, which most people think is an aesthetic choice but I actually really do subscribe to that superstition and I am very religious and it’s part of my faith. It is really funny when people think it’s just an aesthetic thing, but it really is just like I want to keep the symbol on me. I thrifted these pants from Goodwill, I think? I also got this Nike jacket from there. The tank-top I stole from my sister.

Hannah Rose poses in Roosevelt Park, Nov. 8. (Mary McLellan)

THE CYNIC: Describe your style in a nutshell. What do you tend to go for getting dressed in the morning?

HANNAH ROSE: Well, I come from a city, so I think a lot of it is metropolitan inspired. But at least when I was younger I would try to go for whatever was on trend, and now that I’m a little older I try to go for more sustainable fashion and thrift a lot. And like, I’m trying to be more minimalist, where I buy less and do more with it. But yeah, there’s definitely a big metropolitan, street-wear influence to it, but at the same time like just trying to make the most of what I have without necessarily subscribing to fast-fashion.

THE CYNIC: So do you ever alter your clothes after you buy them?

HANNAH ROSE: I’m always cropping sweatshirts and stuff. I take a lot of my uncle’s construction wear and sew patches onto them and stuff. I like to throw together shit I cut out or thrift.

THE CYNIC: Where are your go-to shopping spots?

HANNAH ROSE: I shop at Goodwill a lot, which is such a basic-ass answer, but yeah. Anything brand-name I have I try to thrift from there. I used to go to Plato’s Closet a lot too, but I haven’t really shopped that much this year because it’s been such a crazy fucking year. I also do a lot of clothing swaps with my friends.

Mary McLellan

THE CYNIC: Who have your biggest style influences been throughout your life? What’s triggered change in your closet?

HANNAH ROSE: Well Bella Hadid, obviously. I love her style. I also really like Japanese culture and their fashion, like I always draw from there. I always pay attention to Tokyo Fashion Week, and New York Fashion week too. It’s kinda hard to incorporate that high-fashion into my own thing, but that’s where I look to. And Pinterest and shit.

THE CYNIC: What is the most meaningful part to you?

HANNAH ROSE: Definitely the jewelry. It’s definitely what people comment the most on. Like my necklaces, the one in Arabic, but I have this Claddagh ring which is Irish. And again, the evil eye. At any point I have evil eye socks on or a necklace or a ring anywhere I go, and that’s like probably what gets the most attention and questions as well. Usually it’s the faith-based accessories that I feel attached to.

THE CYNIC: What do clothes and style mean to you? How do you connect to it?

HANNAH ROSE: I do see fashion and clothing, or I guess style, as an avenue for self-expression. I think it’s really important. I’m a big believer that when you look good, you feel good or when you’re comfortable, you feel good. I really try to incorporate those things. Asking myself what makes me feel good and feel comfortable going through my day, and that’s why I totally see it as self-expression.

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