Cynic Fit Check: Back to school edition

September 6, 2021

We all know the first week of school is a fashion show. Here’s what UVM students wore to bid summer farewell and greet fall.

Sophomore Mara Wyman 

Sophomore Mara Wyman as photographed Sept. 1. (Elaina Sepede)

“I literally ordered all of this online,” Wyman said. “My environment influences what I wear, the internet and the day-to-day people that I see. When I get bored of my stuff I go through my bestie’s closet to get inspired.”

Senior Liv Marshall 

“I got these shorts from a TJ Maxx but both these tops I got at the ReSource in Williston for one dollar each, that was my back-to-school shopping haul. I’d say my influence is every girl at UVM. It’s great to have everyone back on campus so I can get more inspired.”

Junior Will Allison and sophomore Erika Adamson 

Junior Will Allison and sophomore Erika Adamson photographed outside the Davis Center Sept. 1. (Elaina Sepede)

Allison: “I’ve always loved cargo pants and I’ll always wear them, even in insane heat. I have several long sleeve shirts like this and a beanie to top it off. Nails add colors and the rings add to the black I think. I’m stealing the dark clothing thing from the e-boys.”

Adamson: “This is a lot of color for me, usually I gravitate towards black like him, but today I felt girly and playful. I feel like I’m an e-girl but laid-back. I incorporate a lot of 2014 grunge and 90s grunge, which are very distinct!”

Sophomore Eva Antoine 

Sophomore Eva Antoine’s outfit photographed Sept. 1. (Elaina Sepede)

“My style is casual. I go for over-sized stuff sometimes. It has a nice fit, it’s comfortable. I got this from Dick’s Sporting Goods and Forever 21.”

First-year Lindsey Muench 

“I have my purple blazers on — I really like color. The shirt I got thrifting and it’s super colorful and patterned. My earrings say ‘TPWK,’ which means, ‘treat people with kindness,’ a Harry Styles thing. They’re handmade and my friend gave them to me.”

First-year Shea Waters 

First-year Shea Waters talks about her dress on Central campus Sept. 1. (Elaina Sepede)

“It was super hot earlier so I wanted to wear something that wouldn’t touch me. I wore this dress and the shirt is really thin. The dress is from a little boutique in my hometown in South Carolina. And I live on Athletic campus so of course, tennis shoes. My friend painted this tote bag for me, it’s a picture of my dog.”

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