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Passing the Mic to Vermont Women – A Vermont Female Firefighter’s Story

Tulley Hescock, Multimedia Reporter November 21, 2020

UVM Junior, Maxine Senft-Miller is one of a few female volunteer firefighters in Colchester, Vermont. Listen to her talk about her experience in a male dominated field and what it takes to be a firefighter.

An inside look at the ballot counting process

The ballot counter leafs through the ballots, handing his partner one at a time Oct. 29. He said typically he would be licking his fingers to get through the ballots more quickly, but COVID has put a halt to that.
Kate Vanni, Layout and Illustrations Editor November 3, 2020

Vermont Horror Stories

David Cabrera, Podcast Editor October 29, 2020

For Halloween, Podcast Editor Dave Cabrera looked into some mysterious events and urban legends in Vermont. Joseph Citro, the author of Passing Strange, True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors,...

Cynic Debate

Cyrus Oswald, Staff Reporter October 27, 2020

Cynic culture writer Cyrus Oswald hits campus to collect student opinion on the debate, news, and other current events.

The Man Who Killed Halloween

Gabby Felitto, Opinion Editor October 27, 2020

This week's episode is a Halloween special about the urban legend behind the fear of poison and razor blades inside candy. This is “The Man Who Killed Halloween,” Ronald O’Bryan.

The Cynic Reports – The Death of Student Media

Alek Fleury, Managing Editor October 16, 2020

The Cynic Reports is back for its first episode this year! In this episode we cover a letter written by the Editor in Chief, Sawyer Loftus, regarding the appointment of our new adviser and the hiring...

Passing the Mic to Vermont Women – Reproductive Rights in Vermont

Tulley Hescock, Multimedia Reporter October 16, 2020

Representative Jill Krowinski shares Vermont’s status on reproductive rights. She shares the current legislative bills Vermont is working towards to ensure accessibility to birth control to all...

Experts expect high UVM voter turnout, despite historic lows in college voter turnout

 Data sourced from the University of Vermont’s student geographic origin records.
Kate Vanni, Layout and Illustrations Editor October 8, 2020

Across the United States, college students lag behind in voting, including at UVM. But experts in Vermont say this election could be different.  Falling 5% below the national average, UVM’s undergraduate...

Breaking down UVM’s May 2020 budget request to the state of Vermont

Breaking down UVM's May 2020 budget request to the state of Vermont
Kate Vanni, Summer Editor-in-Chief July 20, 2020

The University of Vermont requested $15,046,457 in COVID-19 relief funds from Vermont’s House Appropriations Committee in May along with $72,750,000 for non-COVID expenses. The following graphs illustrate...

UVM’s men’s basketball game spread COVID-19 to 16 fans

UVM's men's basketball game spread COVID-19 to 16 fans
Lilly Page, Cynic News Reporter June 29, 2020

COVID-19’s spread throughout Vermont may have been aided by A March 10 UVM basketball game, according to a VTDigger article.  According to the Jun 10 article, 16 people had COVID-19 symptoms after...

A Year in Illustrations

A Year in Illustrations
May 12, 2020

EEvery year the Cynic illustrations staff creates beautiful imagery to bring the words of its writers to life. This is a collection of some of the most exciting and inspiring illustrations that were produced...

Light it blue

Light it blue
Bridget Higdon, Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2020

UVM shrugged off its green and gold and dressed itself in blue this week as the Davis Center was lit to honor frontline health care workers indefinitely.  For over a week, the Davis Center has...

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