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Bird Bikes serve as a sustainable and affordable transportation option to college students and other community members.

Chirp chirp: Bird Bikes infiltrate Burlington

Emily Kobus and Annalisa Madonia December 1, 2023

Bird bikes have landed and made their nests in the greater Burlington area. You have probably seen the bright robin’s egg blue bikes sprawled across campus and downtown in unusual locations or conditions....

A UVM student casually skating in front of the Grossman School of Business Oct. 10.

Skateboarding Around Vermont

Jamie Kaplan, Staff Photographer November 29, 2023

In case you haven’t already noticed, the city of Burlington has an abundance of skateboarders. Vermont’s smooth roads and steep hills are perfect for longboarding. Most people, though, prefer a more...

BOYSCOUTMARIE plays at the Doghouse Sept. 17.

Harmony unleashed: Burlington’s thriving music scene fosters community and connection through local shows

Collin Chamberlain, Staff photographer November 8, 2023

Although only two months into the UVM school year, Burlington’s music scene is already blooming, with many students rushing to see their first local shows. The music performed is a testament to years...

Flick is featured as a skier and is prepared for the upcoming winter months.

Through the lens: Halloween Barn

Annalisa Madonia and Molly Galin November 3, 2023

The Halloween Barn located at 500 Spear Street is an annual event that brings together students and families from Burlington and the surrounding area. The event features horses and their caretakers dressed...

Yellow American Beech leaves lined with brown towards the end of fall.

The colors of fall

Alexandra Bodelle, Staff Photographer November 1, 2023

Whether you enjoy autumn for its warm colors, spooky traditions or mandatory apple and pumpkin treats, the iconicity of this season is undeniable in New England. Although the bursts of October warmth kept...

Cynic Illustrations presents: The best-worst Halloween costumes

Illustrations Staff October 30, 2023

Andrew Slowman — Sexy Garfield “Orange is the New Black.” The cliché sexy black cat costume is too overused: go for a sexy Garfield cat cosplay instead. Stella Tavilla — The Great...

Handprint on the support of a bridge.

Interactions with bridges

Gillian Symolon, Staff Photographer October 27, 2023

People tend to not take a second look at bridges, but bridges see and hold a lot more than what meets the eye. In this series, I look at truss bridges and metal structures and how we interact with them.

Tiny drawings and messages cover the stalls in the Williams bathrooms on the second floor.

Through the lens: Campus Bathroom Art

Annalisa Madonia, Co-Photo Editor October 20, 2023

Our campus has an abundance of creativity coursing through its students. However, for students who are not in a major or club that allows for that creativity to be expressed, it can be difficult to find...

An L&L common room, adorned with posters and cushions makes for a great place to hang out.

Through the lens: Dorm Decor

Alex Strand, Staff Photographer October 12, 2023

In her famous extended essay, “A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf discusses the importance of a woman having her own space to write and educate herself in. She writes, “Women have sat indoors...

A winding path off of South Prospect leading into a field on Redstone’s campus.

UVM Desire Paths

Emily Kobus, Co-Photo Editor October 5, 2023

While commonly overlooked, the worn dirt path beneath your feet on a walk across campus reveals the stories of students before us, in defiance of the traditional path—or lack thereof.  When urban...

The lead singer and guitarist of Cows on the Moon play while fans excitedly record their set.

Through the lens: Burlington bands

Julia Gray and Alessia Noble September 26, 2023

Many UVM students are passionate about their music: whether it’s Higher Ground or a house show, we get out to see our favorite bands. We share this love, especially for DIY shows and local musicians....

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