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Jolley wears an outfit from Urban Outfitters.

Cynic fit check: SpringFest

Maggie O'Shea, Culture Staff Writer May 8, 2024

UVM students showed up to SpringFest 2024 dressed in their best outfits on 4/20 to see Peach Pit, Snail Mail and Armanodillo perform on the Fleming green.  Leah Jolley is a first-year business major.  CYNIC:...

Signage for the Catamount Recovery Center outside Living Well May 1.

Recovery at UVM

Caroyln Kelly, Culture Staff Writer May 7, 2024

An understanding of UVM’s culture around drug and alcohol use would be incomplete without the perspectives of students who are in recovery and the program that supports them. UVM’s Catamount Recovery...

Peach Pit performs at this year’s SpringFest April 20.

Smoking dope and eating chips at UPB’s SpringFest with Peach Pit

Keagan Lafferty, Culture Staff Writer April 30, 2024

“Smoking dope and eating chips this Saturday in Vermont for the University of Vermont 4/20 show. I dunno if it’s even a 4/20 event but if I’m there it’s gunna be.”  Peach Pit captioned an...

A murder of crows flies over the UVM Rugby Pitch March 27.

What’s the deal with the crows?

Sophia Balunek, Editor-In-Chief April 23, 2024

Walking through Waterman green on a January evening can be both a fascinating and eerie experience. A cacophony of caws and wing flaps fill the soundscape as dark figures cover the sky in erratic patterns.  The...

Zoёs illustration for the neowestern movie column.

“Hell or High Water”: a neo-Western moral reflection

Maya Surrenti, Culture Staff Writer April 16, 2024

I decided to watch a movie with my friends one Sunday night and got hit with a profound meditation on morality. The ambiguous message in “Hell or High Water” questions where or whether one can draw...

Mollys illustration for the Tiny Habits music review column.

Singing in harmony: a song review of Tiny Habits’s recent releases 

Sophie Williams, Culture Staff Writer April 12, 2024

Light bounces off a sparkling disco ball and blue spotlights shine down on center stage as the crowd watches, enchanted by the opening act.  In an hour or so, Gracie Abrams will be on stage, but now,...

Wylies illustration for the Dune 2 movie review column.

Dune Part Two: more sand, even more women

Liam Laramie, Culture Staff Writer April 11, 2024

As it stands today, “Dune: Part Two” has brought in $634 million at the box office worldwide. Following on the heels of the success of “Dune: Part One” and the star-studded cast, it is no surprise...

Many students at UVM visit Imperial Tattoo in downtown Burlington to get new tattoos April 6.

The student body: a look at UVM’s unique tattoo culture

Erika Tally, Culture Staff Writer April 9, 2024

It’s a well-known fact that at UVM, the student body is known for its unashamed individuality. From curated wardrobes to vibrantly dyed hair, the school has developed a reputation centered around self-expression...

Photo Illustration: Up to 75,000 visitors are expected in Burlington at the time of the eclipse.

How Burlington is preparing for the largest influx of visitors seen in one day

Maggie O'Shea and Keagan Lafferty April 8, 2024

With Burlington in the line of totality, this eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event for residents and the expected tens of thousands of visitors. With the event coming up quickly on Monday, April 8, Burlington...

Zoёs illustration for the poem media review.

Letting the mind feel like a spring morning

Carolyn Kelly, Culture Staff Writer April 4, 2024

These days, the world around me is waking up from a long—albeit warm—winter, and A. A. Milne’s poem “Spring Morning” has never resonated more. It’s true that birds and blooms are beginning...

Stellas illustration for the eclipse events column.

Culture staff recommends: the best eclipse events 

Culture Staff, Culture Staff Writer April 3, 2024

As Burlington prepares for the influx of visitors under the total eclipse of the sun, the culture staff is here to prepare you for which once-in-a-lifetime event to attend.  It’s not totality without...

Mollys illustration for the student guide to Montreal column.

American in Montr​​éal: a personal guide

Maya Surrenti, Culture Staff Writer March 28, 2024

Montr​​éal is the perfect weekend getaway for UVM students craving a change of pace. Whether you love being confused in a country that speaks a different language or you adore the Canadian club scene,...

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