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A sign inside of Shalom Shuk, a thrift store located in a historic barn behind the Ohavi Zedek Synagogue on 188 North Prospect Street, shows shoppers there is a sale Feb. 4. Founded in 1855 the Ohavi Zedek Synagogue is Vt.’s oldest and largest Jewish congregation.

“Hate has no home here:” North End thrift store prioritizes community

Kellyn Doerr, Culture staff writer February 24, 2021

As you walk through the thrift shop doors, hoping to find some treasures for cheap, you see a sign that reads prominently, “Hate Has No Home Here.”  Shalom Shuk, a thrift shop run by the Ohavi...

UVM First-year Matt Fisher sits inside the Harris-Millis common area Feb. 21. Fisher has been working on music for five years now.

‘The Neon Lounge’ showcases the best and worst of house

Connor Adams, Culture Staff Writer February 22, 2021

Student musician Matthew Fischer’s new album draws on both of house music’s most common cliches and it’s greatest strengths. Releasing an album during the waves of COVID-19 is no easy feat, especially...

Notes on coolness

Notes on coolness

Sophia Venturo, Culture Editor February 19, 2021

How does one define the essence of cool? Being a member of a subversive art scene? Mastering a balanced strike between hot and cold — of promiscuity and aloofness? Following certain trends? Or turning...

Members of the band Lady Bits stand together posing for promotional shots they had taken for their recent album release.

‘Lady Bits’ brings practicality to punk

Quinn Johnson, Culture Staff Writer February 17, 2021

Look no further for your new favorite collection of headbangers.  Lady Bits, a Brooklyn-based, femme-punk, trio, released their latest album in Dec. 2020. Written and recorded over the past year, “Lose...

Students weary of impending love holiday

Students weary of impending love holiday

Sam Jefferson, Guest Culture Writer February 15, 2021

Valentine’s Day has always been one of the more controversial holidays.  Some look forward to it every year, most don’t. A lot of that has to do with people feeling as though Valentine’s Day...

Inclusive sex lecturers debunk myths and teach pleasure

Inclusive sex lecturers debunk myths and teach pleasure

Anna Kolosky, Assistant Culture Editor February 10, 2021

Upbeat pop music played as a single prompt stood out on the computer screen: “Take any movie title and replace one word with orgasm.” Responses flooded in, including, “Harry Potter and the Deathly...

The @Loveisblind Instagram page has over 1,000 followers as many wait for this new UPB event to begin.

Campus reality show promises love, friendship and fame

Evan Peck, Culture Staff Writer February 8, 2021

A new reality show created by the University Program Board allows students the chance to find the love of their life, even in the midst of a global pandemic. “Love is Blind - UVM” is a dating show...

 UVM Senior Anna Shea holds her cat Pesto in her off-campus apartment Jan. 30.

Cynic Fit Check: Anna Shea

Sophia Venturo, Culture Editor February 5, 2021

Anna Shea is a senior environmental studies major from Verona, New Jersey. She is a founding member of Students for Justice in Palestine, a member of Bread and Roses Collective and a Production Shift Leader...

AJR pioneers virtual concert experience

AJR pioneers virtual concert experience

Luke Davis, Culture Staff Writer February 3, 2021

With the stage set and the harnesses ready, indie pop trio AJR's "One Spectacular Night" was set to begin for an audience of zero. On Dec. 26, the group of NYC-based brothers started livestreaming their...

Why turntables are still superior in 2021

Why turntables are still superior in 2021

Laura Meyer, Staff Writer February 1, 2021

My favorite sound in the world is a needle dropping on a spinning record.  I am succumbed by a rush of dopamine as the crisp sound slices the air and the music pours from the two stereos in my bedroom. Through...

A covid-safe Hanukkah guide

A covid-safe Hanukkah guide

Kellyn Doerr, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

“Put on your yamakah, here comes Hanukkah” With COVID numbers on the rise, it’s important now more than ever to stay vigilant about being safe, even as the holidays roll around. With Hanukkah...

Izzy Pipa

Pons’ Creative Chaos

Connor Adams, Staff Writer December 6, 2020

Pons’ new album, “Intellect,” is brimming with talent and budding ideas, but ends up being a lesson on the dangers of uncontrolled chaos. In an interview with the band, band member Jack Parker...

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