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Culture staff recommends: the best eclipse events 

Stella Tavilla
Stella’s illustration for the eclipse events column.

As Burlington prepares for the influx of visitors under the total eclipse of the sun, the culture staff is here to prepare you for which once-in-a-lifetime event to attend. 

It’s not totality without live music — Keagan Lafferty

In 2017, I got onto my middle school bus and drove over four hours to southwest Nebraska, witnessing the total solar eclipse for the first time in my life. On the drive there and back, my teacher played “Dark Side of the Moon” on repeat, and from there Pink Floyd would continue to serve as the soundtrack to my life. 

Now, as the date of totality approaches Burlington, I can’t imagine the experience without live music. Luckily, Burlington City Arts is here to give us just that with the presentation of their official city events: Obscura BTV. Their main goal is to incorporate Burlington’s art and music scene into the natural phenomenon.

All Night Boogie Band will be playing groovy blues rock on the Waterfront at 2 p.m., with Moondogs giving us a post-eclipse spacey jam show at 5 p.m. There will also be several other live music events happening over the weekend throughout Burlington, so be sure to check out the websites of local venues.

Attend UVM’s stellar seminar — Carolyn Kelly

You may be planning on seizing the opportunity to sleep in on Monday, April 8. But a brighter idea might be to make your way to the Grand Maple Ballroom at 10 a.m. to take advantage of the UVM Eclipse Day Seminar lasting until 2 p.m., before the total eclipse at 3:26 p.m. 

Brilliant doctors in fields ranging from marine biology to cultural anthropology will be speaking, culminating in a keynote address by Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger, the astronomy expert and director of the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University. 

It will be out of this world, so make sure to take a minute to register in advance and secure a spot. Zoom attendance is also available through registration

See totality at an official viewing site — Maggie O’Shea

Obscura-BTV, the official Burlington eclipse committee, has been working hard on planning for the city to accommodate the large number of visitors expected to come to view totality here in Burlington. 

They have come up with official viewing sites that will include merchandise, glasses and various events. 

The hosting sites will be scattered across Burlington at Waterfront Park, Battery Park, Perkins Pier, City Hall Park, Roosevelt Park, Leddy Park and Oakledge Park. 

This city committee has been working tirelessly to make the eclipse go smoothly. Be sure to check out one of the official viewing sites for this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse experience in Burlington. 

Eclipse-themed workout classes — Erika Tally

After the eclipse, don’t miss out on eclipse-themed workout classes, presented by Campus Recreation. The eclipse is an ideal time to relax and reflect on many different aspects of life so it may be the perfect time to gather your friends and participate in a restorative yoga flow class. 

This class is focused on the element of ether, which incorporates both the space within us and the vastness of space around us into the practice, a great way to connect with the celestial energy of the eclipse.

Students can also choose to keep the liveliness of the day going with a REClipse cycling class. Other offerings on this day include barre, core, pilates and BodyPump classes, all centered around the eclipse. 

Regardless of what you choose, all students can take advantage of these opportunities as the classes are offered for free in the Group Fitness Hub, located by the entrance to Patrick Gymnasium. 

Classes run from 4:30-8:30 p.m., so don’t miss out on these opportunities to connect with both your mind and your body during a day of commotion and excitement.

Illuminate Vermont — Grace Wang

As we approach the date of totality, events in the area are beginning to ramp up. If you’re willing to make the trek away from campus and Church Street, South Burlington will be home to Illuminate Vermont, a free artistic festival, from April 5 to April 6. 

Over 40 vendors will be located in both indoor and outdoor market locations. Along with shopping, the festival will include live music, food trucks and drinks. 

What really caught my eye was the schedule of events. 

From 5-6 p.m. on April 6, Cirque de Fuego, a Vermont-based fire performance troupe, will be taking the Market Street stage. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see someone breathe fire while I enjoy a local Vermont snack and peruse artwork I can’t afford.

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