Tyler Nachilly

A senior of ours, Tyler Nachilly, took this photo for our recent feature on CATS bus drivers.

A letter of appreciation to Cynic photographers

May 4, 2023

From fit checks to important meetings, the Cynic’s photo section has it covered.

Our photographers are always there to support our written words with images that can speak to another aspect of the story.

The Cynic is a place where both experienced and new photographers can work together. It is a space to learn and an opportunity to have one’s work published on a wide-reaching platform.

This year brought many beginner photographers into the section and they flourished.

I am so proud of the growth of our new members for developing their compositional eye and navigating the world of photojournalism.

Let us not forget those experienced photographers who have been with us for years, some of which began their careers in the Cynic.

In a review of the photo section’s work this year, I’d like to shed light on what goes into our work and the people behind the camera.

There are many more photographers on our team and I unfortunately cannot include a photograph from everyone in this retrospective, but all of the work they produced this year was spectacular and I look forward to watching our new members grow in their coming years with the Cynic.

The first assignment of incoming Co-Photo Editor Annalisa Madonia. She had barely held a camera before coming to the Cynic to learn about photojournalism.
(Annalisa Madonia)
Senior Mary McLellan took this photo at CommunityFest in the fall. She learned everything she knows about photojournalism from the Cynic where she started as a first-year. (Mary McLellan)
First-year and new photographer Ava Pick set up these themed shots for a profile on the band Cows on the Moon. A collage can be an engaging way to present photos for an article. (Ava Pick)
We stress the importance of a detail shot as one of the three photos that will go with feature articles. These photos illustrate a part of the story that may be overlooked, like the view of Liza-Marie Phillip’s artwork from outside Barrio Bakery. (Emily Kobus)
First-year Grace Argiriou took this detail shot for a feature on the Reproductive Liberty Amendment. (Grace Argiriou)
Our sports coverage is not all about the plays and movement, it’s about special moments that happen during the game. First-year Aiden Armstrong captured this moment for two UVM alumni during their game for the Montreal Force against the Boston Pride. (Aiden Armstrong)
Mac Mansfield-Parisi, a senior, took this photo at the Board of trustees meeting this fall. In addition to reporters, our photographers are also at the scene during important meetings. (Mac Mansfield-Parisi)
First-year photographer and incoming Culture Editor for the Cynic, Grace Wang, took this portrait for one of the Culture section’s fit check series. (Grace Wang)
Mac has a drone that has proved helpful in taking even more interesting photos, like this one for our feature on Burlington housing. (Mac Manfield-Parisi)
Our photographers are taught to look for unique angles and framings of our subjects. Incoming Co-Photo Editor Emily Kobus executed this perfectly in a photo of an emotional support cat for a feature. (Emily Kobus)
First-year Max Abrahams tried a different photographic technique on panning to spice things up a bit for an article on a new public safety plan released by Mayor Miro Weinberger. (Max Abrahams)
Ski & Snowboard Club’s rail jam is always an exciting event. Sometimes the photo editor needs to get herself out there and do an assignment or two and I was happy to capture this frame from this spring.
(Sophia Balunek)
We will always cover the large events on campus, including Black Student Union’s fashion show this spring. Our photographers are there to capture the big moments and looks. (Emily Kobus)
First-year and beginning photographer, Ava Roos, captured this shot of University Heights’ spiral staircase from a different angle from the norm, making for an intriguing shot. (Ava Roos)
Mac learned photography at the Cynic four years ago and took this photo for an article that he also wrote about the big move of Greta the catamount. (Mac Mansfield-Parisi)
First-year Katherine McGee, in the beginning of her photography career, set up this portrait of leaders of Summit Sisters. (Katherine McGee)


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