Kyle Elms

A car drives by the old UVM medical center March 3.

A tour of UVM after dark

March 17, 2021

TTo me, there are two different types of nights on campus at UVM. There are the midweek nights when you rarely run into a stranger and you both, especially since COVID, try to keep your distance. Then there are the weekend nights where the noise rarely stops and students are active even when temperatures are in the single digits. Either way, a nighttime stroll through campus can offer a quick way to clear my head. The midweek nights allow for a quiet atmosphere for “daydreaming” and admiring the architectural design of the campus buildings. On busy nights the students offer background noise similar to a coffee shop, just drunker.

Bikes line the entrance of Christie Wright Patterson on Redstone Campus March 3. (Kyle Elms)
Snow-covered cars fill the parking lot to the Redstone Lofts on Redstone Campus March 3. (Kyle Elms)
Tire tracks lead to Gutterson Field House on Athletics Campus March 4. (Kyle Elms)
UVM students play a game of soccer on a cold night at Athletics Campus March 4. (Kyle Elms)
Patrick Gymnasium on Athletics Campus March. 4. (Kyle Elms)
UVM students socialize during a workout in Patrick Gym (above). Below a person rides their bike through Athletics Campus. March 4. (Kyle Elms)
A group of UVM students play a game of hockey on the ice skating rink right outside Harris-Millis Hall on Athletics Campus March 4. (Kyle Elms)
Smoke streaks out the top of Harris Millis Dining while UVM students eat late-night food inside March 4. (Kyle Elms)
A mural painted outside of the Living & Learning complex is lit up by lampposts March 3. (Kyle Elms)
A closed University Marché glows between the dark dorm rooms of Living & Learning Complex March 3. (Kyle Elms)
Plants filter a green-hued light through the UVM greenhouse at night Feb. 26. (Kyle Elms)
The Aiken Center lit up at night Feb. 26. (Kyle Elms)
From left to right the Vermont state flag, U.S flag and the Davis Center flap in the wind March 3. (Kyle Elms)
The entrance to an empty Jeffords Hall Feb. 26. (Kyle Elms)
An orange glow escapes from the interior of the Royall Tyler Theater Feb. 26. (Kyle Elms)
The moon shines above Old Mill at night Feb. 26. (Kyle Elms)
Lamentation statues, known by UVM students as the Dementors, are lit up in a Honey Locust forest in front of Central Campus Residence Hall March 3. (Kyle Elms)
Various UVM students’ dorm rooms lit up at night in McAuley Hall on Trinity Campus March 3. (Kyle Elms)
The back five on Trinity Campus, Sichel Hall (left) and Ready Hall (right) March 3. (Kyle Elms)



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