Allison Ouellette

An on campus move-in day in photos

September 1, 2021

On Sunday, Aug. 29th I moved back to campus to begin my sophomore year. I was looking forward to new classes, roommates and opportunities. Ready to take on the year with more freedom than the last.

Moving required me to pack up my whole life into a little car, say goodbye to my family and hometown friends and drive three  and a half hours back to school. 

I felt excited yet nervous, playing loud music to tune out the anxiety.

I reminded myself the first day always seems daunting, but it fosters an opportunity to start fresh and welcome new experiences into your life. This photo essay documents my move-in day.

I packed all my bags in my car Sunday morning Aug. 29th. (Allison Ouellette)
I waved goodbye to my parents as I left and headed to make a couple stops before getting going. (Allison Ouellette)
The 175 mile drive meant I needed to fill up my gas tank before I hit the highway. (Allison Ouellette)
I stopped to get a bagel at Dunkin Donuts and then officially began my drive back to Burlington. (Allison Ouellette)
I drove an hour and a half before pulling off I-89 to explore the Northbound Visitor’s Center in Sharon, VT. (Allison Ouellette)
When I arrived I picked up my key from the front desk and walked the halls of Harris until I stumbled upon my room. There I met my roommates for the first time. (Allison Ouellette)
I began piling my stuff on my desk as I slowly unloaded my car. (Allison Ouellette)
I organized my closet while I chatted with my roommates. (Allison Ouellette)
After my desk was organized I covered it with photos and stacked my books high. (Allison Ouellette)
After making my bed and grabbing lunch with my new roommates, I added my plants and decorations as a final touch. (Allison Ouellette)

Now that everyone on campus moved in and the first couple days of classes are behind us, I feel hopeful for a year of new social opportunities and academic engagement.

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