Annalisa Madonia

A chocolate cake that I made for my best friend Emma’s birthday.

Need a break? Bake a cake: Photo essay by Annalisa Madonia

February 10, 2023

Baking is one of the purest forms of art, combining a human’s love for food and family. It connects people as generations pass down recipes like they’re memories. As someone who grew up in a home filled with old cookbooks passed down from my ancestors, I learned the importance of keeping their memories and their legacies alive.

Photography allows me to capture these memories through a different lens as I go through old cookbooks, and even new ones, one recipe at a time. I keep these memories not just in a recipe book, but also in a picture to enjoy and give to new generations.

Here are some of the things I made over the Thanksgiving and winter breaks to fulfill my baking withdrawal. I believe everyone should bake once in a while to relieve stress and to let themselves be creative after a difficult semester.

Peanut butter cookies that have the stamp of approval from my peanut butter enthusiast roommate, Sabrina.
(Annalisa Madonia)
A classic Italian tiramisu that tastes just like Nonna’s. (Annalisa Madonia)
A Napoleon that could win the Battle of Waterloo. (Annalisa Madonia)
A cookie dough cake fulfills every child’s dream to eat raw cookie dough.
(Annalisa Madonia)
A s’mores pie that is Girl Scout-approved. (Annalisa Madonia)
Raspberry thumbprint cookies from Claire Saffitz’s new book, “What’s for Dessert.”
(Annalisa Madonia)
An apple galette is perfect for when you go apple picking and have a surplus of fruit. (Annalisa Madonia)

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