Vermont wildlife through the lens

March 25, 2022

While snowier Vermont months provide little for people other than outdoor sports, the woods are still alive and well.

Many different animals occupy the wilds of Vermont, giving those with patience and a little luck a chance to see elusive creatures that avoid the more populated areas of the state.

While it isn’t hard to spot small animals in Vermont woods at any time of year, it’s even easier to find their tracks when there’s snow on the ground. (Eric Scharf)
The Northern Saw-whet owl is an animal that is often hard to find. Small and elusive, it was pure luck that it showed up on my bird feeder. (Eric Scharf)
The Nuthatch is a local around the Vermont bird feeder, making many quick trips for food. (Eric Scharf)
Chickadees are a common sight in Vermont, but they’re still quite skittish with humans. If you stand still near a bird feeder, however, they’ll eventually warm up to you. (Eric Scharf)
This young, curious red fox appeared in my yard in Central Vermont one evening last week as it was starting to get dark. I’ve lived in Vermont my entire life, and this was the first time I’ve had such an experience. (Eric Scharf)
The American Red Squirrel is about as common in rural Vermont as a rat is in a New York City subway station. They love to make quite a racket in the woods, and you’ll often see them chasing each other from tree to tree. (Eric Scharf)
I spotted this female finch near my bird feeder over spring break, one of many vying for a chance to get birdseed. (Eric Scharf)
The Junco is another common bird in the Green Mountain State. Its dark upper body contrasts nicely with its white lower half. (Eric Scharf)
An owl left its mark in a snowy field near my house, indicating it dove at a small animal. (Eric Scharf)

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