What students are looking forward to after the pandemic

May 11, 2021

The Cynic put out a poll asking UVM class Facebook groups what students are looking forward to after the pandemic. Here were your responses:





“Beach trips and boardwalks!”

“Whitewater festival season!”

“Traveling! I’m sick of being cooped up.”

“Traveling internationally, not having to wear a mask, visiting friends.”








“Social dining.”

“I want to have a dinner party with all my friends! I’ve been cooking a lot over the lockdown, and I’ve only been able to share with my roommates so far.”

“Spontaneous dinners with friends.”








“Hugging without fear!”

“I want to have dinner parties and hug my friends!”

“Hanging out with friends and not worrying about having to wear a mask and social distance.”





“Hugging friends, live music.”

“Music festivals. Pls. I’m deteriorating.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing Harry Styles!”

“Concerts. I miss gathering with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other people with a common interest.”




“Seeing lots of people again.”


“Being able to mingle, meet new people, and hang out with people you’re not super close with!”










“Kissing strangers.”

“Meeting new people.”

“I am going to open mouth kiss all of my friends.”








“Seeing my grandma in person.”

“Spending time with my grandparents.”

“Hugging my grandma 100%!”

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